Friday, 20 December 2013

When I'm 42

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When I was turning 42, in 1990, I took 3 months off work just to train. It resulted in a form peak for a year or two which hasn't been repeated since. But it does show what can be done with focused training and appropriate rest. Up until then my full time work and its associated stress had meant that I couldn't achieve what I knew was my potential. I was annoyed because the AIS showed no interest in helping me out, either, despite the fact that I was borderline A-grade. So some time-out where I seriously self-coached was my only option. It paid off; I excelled in two or three marathons; I won the Weston Creek Half Marathon in a very good time on a very hot day; and I got faster in my shorter races, equalling what I had achieved ten years and more earlier.

Here is one of the cuttings from that time

Now my goal is to work towards another purple patch as an M65.

Cooler weather might help. [Well done to Garry and Colin for training last night when I wimped out because of the heat]

Think cool - keep cool


  1. Retire from all the activities you've taken up in retirement and you'll have plenty of time for training and rest. Wonder how you'd have gone training as a full time athlete 10 years earlier?



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