Wednesday, 11 December 2013

December training sessions

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Thursday 5 December speedygeese @ Parliament House
10 x 100m SE hill on 90 before rain (and light hail) drove us away. Bronwyn, Miranda and I participated.

Saturday 7 December speedyducks @ Acton Ferry Terminal
Miranda and I had a longish run. We noticed that the footbridge down by the lake where the landslide happened is nearly finished. And at the dragonboats I stopped and talked to a cyclist who was an old friend of Keith Bradley.

Sunday 8 December speedygeese @ Stromlo Forest Park
Dave (new), Andrew, Lucia & I ran - Dave set off to run three x 1k and the third was with Lucia & Andrew's first. But he continued on to complete five, averaging around 3:50. Andrew averaged just over 3:30 for his three, and Lucia under 4 minutes. I did some sprints. We also saw Carol and Bruce training there.

Monday 9 December speedygeese @ Parliament House
We started with our chin-up challenge, where Heather was the second woman ever to have completed the goal of ten without stopping. Then we had another go at the SE hill and ten of us started 20x100m up the hill, five of us completing all 20. The runners training today were Andy, Bronwyn, Christopher, Garry, me, Heather, Jen, Mick C, Miranda, Warrick.

Christmas on the Hill

It's coming, it's coming. Note the people rolling down the hill - Bronwyn and Jodie used to do that when they were younger. Note the sign "Save the Bilby", Bilbys and speedygeese are friends. What else can you see?

Christmas drinks
Next Monday 16 December we will go for Christmas drinks straight after training.


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