Thursday, 5 December 2013

Chin-up exercise

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As shown in the photos,
. chin-ups are performed with full extension
. the feet do not touch the ground.
. hands are in the "curl" position
. hands are in line with shoulders

Those who cannot perform a chin-up can be assisted to chin the bar, and then should attempt to lower themselves slowly back to the start position.

Also, many gyms have assisted chin-up machines where the more weight you add, the easier the exercise. I can do about three unassisted chin-ups at a time, and with "80lb" on the machine, a set of 3 x six, currently. I anticipate that by training on the machine, my unassisted count will improve. 

"Pull-ups" are slightly different from chin-ups. With pull-ups the hands are turned so the palms face away from the body, and the hands are wider apart. There is not much difference between them. However I find pull-ups less than comfortable; my shoulders complain. So for now I am sticking to chin-ups.

We will be doing a weekly chin-up (or pull-up) test as part of our warm-up each Monday, when I remember. This will be optional, no need to participate if you don't want to for one reason or another. But Craig and I will be competing to see who can get to ten first. He is up to seven, I am up to three. But I am very keen to improve.

Basic upper body strength is essential for runners, particularly for middle distance, cross country, and trail running.


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