Wednesday, 18 December 2013

20 years ago today

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I remember exactly where I was 20 years ago today. In Belconnen on a hot day dressed in a suit. Today one of my daughters and her husband celebrate 20 years of marriage. That does make me feel old! Happy anniversary Loani and Wes.

Meanwhile our latest training sessions:
Thursday 12 December speedygeese @ Parliament House
Colin and Bronwyn ran 8 x NW corner 400m loops on 4 minutes from the tennis court. I supervised.

Saturday 14 December speedyducks @ Acton Ferry Terminal
There were plenty of ducks on the recently refilled lake today. Andy & I ran long. The run felt good for once.

Sunday 15 December speedygeese @ Stromlo Forest Park
Ewen and I ran at Stromlo. I managed 10 x 100m sprints in a 12k run. Ewen is just starting up again after injury. Also training at Stromlo were Bruce, Carol, Katie and Maria.

Monday 16 December 13 speedygeese @ Parliament House
The session was a 12 x 150m hill on 2 minutes, through the "tunnel" down by the lake.
After Miranda and I ran 8k early, and in the warmup when I "did a CJ" and skinned both knees on concrete, running were Christopher, Bronwyn, Heather, Susan, Rae, Mick C, Andy, Warrick, Jen, Mick H, Andrew, Miranda, and me.
We retired to Lotus Bay for Christmas drinks and a bight to eat: Susan, Rae, Mick C, Andy, Warrick, Jen, CJ, Dave B, Ruth, and still me in shorts and bloody knees.

Our latest pocket rocket, Heather

Heather's silver at the Black Mountain Challenge. Kym was third. Is that Trevor photo-bombing?
Twenty years ago Heather was just one year old.


  1. I forgot to check how your knees were! It was a spectacular stunt roll...

    I won't be there Thursday so I will do my own long hill session at lunch to make up for it...

    1. Knees stiff and stinging but healing surprisingly fast. See you Monday!

    2. I'm not surprised!

      I'll be there!

  2. Of course, it's not officially 'a CJ' unless there's photographic evicence.

    Trev is showing surprise at the fashions.



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