Tuesday, 31 December 2013

end of year race results

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Form guides: my intention is to finish the slideshow V1.0 by mid January. Happy reading.

Race results:
Saturday 28 December Ginninderra Parkrun #88
11 Heather DAVIDSON 21:25 W20 (equal PB)
19 Janene KINGSTON 23:55 W45
23 David BAUSSMANN 24:33 M60
71 finishers

Saturday 28 December Tuggeranong Parkrun #45
10 David CLARKE 20:31 M55
164 finishers

Saturday 28 December Gungahlin Parkrun #11
55 finishers

While parkruns go on forever, it has been a long time since we raced track. Never fear, track resumes on Thursday 9 January! There will be an 800m, and a 3k/5k. I will definitely be there to try out the new surface.

Meanwhile, stay cool.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Best music of 2013

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Best music albums of 2013 - so far
#5 album of 2013 "Trouble Will Find Me" by The National
#4 album of 2013 "Amelia" by Lifehouse
#3 album of 2013 "Reflektor" by Arcade Fire
#2 album of 2013 "Holy Fire" by Foals

My Top Music Album of 2013:
"My Head Is An Animal", by Of Monsters and Men. While not strictly speaking a 2013 album, I couldn't resist, I only discovered it this year anyway, it's one almighty good album which is still gaining in popularity around the world.

A song from the album is "Dirty Paws":

Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Three C's

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When considering your training goals for 2014, remember the three C’s of training: Commitment, Consistency, and Common Sense.



Common Sense

Note well: common sense CAN override the other two.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

sore foot again today

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I had foot pain again today, when running, left foot only. On one occasion in the past I tied my shoelaces a different way and foot pain disappeared. Today I swapped shoes halfway through training and it had the same effect. If in doubt try some TLC. Don't ignore foot pain.

Checklist of non-serious causes
Worn shoes
New shoes
Muscle strain
Ligament strain
Flat feet

Checklist of serious causes
Broken foot
Sprained ankle
Ankle strain
Plantar warts
Bone tumor
Koehler’s disease
Athlete’s foot
Blocked arteries
Foot ulcer
Foot deformity
Plantar fasciitis
Morton’s neuroma
Nerve entrapment
Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Some possible treatments
Pain killers
Stretching exercises
RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation)
Swim or pool running
Weight loss

Friday, 27 December 2013

A very short list of New Year goals

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In 2014 I plan to
(a) already published, see http://geoffmoore.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/2014-goals.html
1. run the Centenary Trail
2. keep working out at the gym
3. break 20 minutes for 5000m.
(b) an extra one, see http://geoffmoore.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/m65-act-records.html
4. set an M65 ACT Vets record.
(c) and will do regardless
5. turn 66 in May
6. tour the UK in May/June
7. re-visit North Queensland

Thursday, 26 December 2013


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Unicyclists have been see this month around Lake Burley Griffin and at Stromlo Forest Park, as well as on TV. Christmas is a time for giving all kinds of new gifts to our family and friends. but at our family Christmas party on Sunday when all 13 grandchildren and their parents were together I gave a very old present to Loani to share with her 6 children: a unicycle in good working order once the tyres have been pumped up.The unicycle came from a circus that Loani was a part of when she was young. She can still nearly ride it.

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

painting the sydney harbour bridge

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The form guides I am putting up on the slideshow are slowly being updated. Any feedback (positive or not so positive) will be taken on board. It will always be a work in progress of course, like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you are missing - because you haven't trained with us for a long time - and want to be added please let me know!

Our recent training sessions

Thursday 19 December speedygeese @ Parliament House
Garry & Colin ran the 8 x 400m loop on 4 minutes at the NE hill from the tennis courts. It was very hot and I was a bit sore so I gave myself a day off.

Saturday 21 December with the speedyducks @ Acton Ferry Terminal were Andy & I having a long slow run.

On Sunday 22 December speedygeese @ Stromlo Forest Park, I started at 7:00am and ran 12 x 100m, finishing with 12k of running in total. Dave feeling sore from the Tour de Ridges still ran some km intervals, as did Andrew and Lucia who were recovering from a fast parkrun the previous day. It was a nice sultry morning for running.

Then on Monday 23 December the speedygeese met at Parliament House as usual, and we ran the 8x400m loops again. I ran 8k early as the day was much cooler than the previous few; for the main session we had Heather, Michelle (new), Jen, Susan, Colin, Garry, Bronwyn and me. A few of us are planning to train again at Parliament House this Boxing Day at 5:30pm as usual.

I trust you are all having a safe and blessed Christmas.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

tour de ridges

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Speedygeese race results
Sunday 15 December AMRA Tour de Ridges
21.2k run men
63 Mick Horan M50 2.19.54
69 finishers

21.2k run women
5 Heather Davidson 1.57.45
34 finishers

15.3k run men
11 David Clarke M55 1.22.15
27 finishers

15.3k run women
1 Jen Bright W35 1.21.07
23 Caroline Campbell W70 1.47.33
30 finishers

10.6k run men
13 finishers
10.6k run women
27 finishers

Saturday 21 December Ginninderra parkrun #87
20 Heather DAVIDSON 22:00 W20
105 finishers

Saturday 21 December Tuggeranong parkrun #44
37 David CLARKE 23:27 M55
73 Ewen THOMPSON 26:53 M55
202 finishers!

Saturday 21 December Gungahlin parkrun #10
9 Andrew SIMPSON 20:18 M40
19 Lucia PIETROPAOLI 22:19 W30
25 Janene KINGSTON 23:42 W45 New PB!
46 Amanda COOK 25:50 W35
140 finishers

Monday, 23 December 2013

holy fire

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Best music albums of 2013 - so far
#5 album of 2013 "Trouble Will Find Me" by The National
#4 album of 2013 "Amelia" by Lifehouse
#3 album of 2013 "Reflektor" by Arcade Fire.

Music albums of 2013 - continued
#2 album of 2013 "Holy Fire" by Foals

Their best album was "Antidotes" and this is nearly as good.
Song from the album: "My Number"
From http://youtu.be/QRR_pvZcu-o

Sunday, 22 December 2013

duck attack

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Wood ducks on Lake Burley Griffin can be quite aggressive, punching above their weight.

Ducks galore on the shore and in the water, before the lake re-filled

This picture, though, is so photo-shopped. Come out to Stromlo or Majura to see kangaroos everywhere, but not here!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

gotta run

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I gotta keep running

No no gotta run

Swimming is hazardous

Gym has burpees

Swimming is cool but

...but must run, sun or no sun.

Friday, 20 December 2013

When I'm 42

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When I was turning 42, in 1990, I took 3 months off work just to train. It resulted in a form peak for a year or two which hasn't been repeated since. But it does show what can be done with focused training and appropriate rest. Up until then my full time work and its associated stress had meant that I couldn't achieve what I knew was my potential. I was annoyed because the AIS showed no interest in helping me out, either, despite the fact that I was borderline A-grade. So some time-out where I seriously self-coached was my only option. It paid off; I excelled in two or three marathons; I won the Weston Creek Half Marathon in a very good time on a very hot day; and I got faster in my shorter races, equalling what I had achieved ten years and more earlier.

Here is one of the cuttings from that time

Now my goal is to work towards another purple patch as an M65.

Cooler weather might help. [Well done to Garry and Colin for training last night when I wimped out because of the heat]

Think cool - keep cool

Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Runners Shop Christmas/January Sale

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Season’s Greetings from the Runners Shop!

We hope that 2013 has been a great year of racing and training for you.

It is that time of year where we celebrate Christmas and the start of 2014 with our Christmas / January sale. We have some great specials on 2013 running models for sale, including favourites like the Brooks Beast / Ariel, Brooks Adrenaline, Saucony Hurricane and Asics Womens Kayano and a host of others. The full list of specials where we have substantial quantities available are attached to this email. Sales are valid while stocks last, so come in early for your choice of the biggest range of specials.

Feel free to call / email us if you wish to reserve a pair. We will also be making a number of these specials available for purchase on our online store at www.therunnersshop.com.au

In addition, purchases over $250 will go in the draw to win a Suunto T6 triathlon pack – valued at over $1400! Pack includes Foot pod, Cadence pod and Road bike pod as well as Suunto T6 heart rate monitor and software.

Thanks again for your support in 2013 and we wish you a great Christmas and a Happy New year.

From the team at The Runners Shop.

December / January Sale Models

Mens Stability:
Brooks Beast Was $239 now $189
Saucony Grid Hurricane 15 Was 229 now $189
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 Was $209 now $159
New Balance M860 (Dwidth) Was $179 now $129
Brooks Addiction (4E width) Was $189 now $149
Asics Gel 1170 (2E)(sizes10-11.5) Was $145 now $119

Mens Neutral:
Saucony Triumph 10 Was $199 now $159
Asics Nimbus 14 (sizes 10-11) Was $209 now $159
New Balance M880 (D/2E width) Was $145 now $119
Mizuno Wave Rider 16 Was $189 now $149
Nike Zoom Elite Was $169 now $139
Brooks Ghost 5 Was $189 now $149
Brooks Glycerin 10 Was $239 now $189

Mens Lightweight:
Mizuno Wave Precision Was $189 now $149
Saucony Kinvara 3 Was $149 now $119
Brooks Pureflow 2 Was $179 now $149

Mens Trail:
Brooks Adrenaline ASR 8 Was $209 now $159
Mens Wave Ascend 8 Was $169 now $139

Mens Cross Training:
Asics Gel Katoomba 3 Was $189 now $139

Womens Stability:
Asics Gel Kayano 19 Was $239 now $189
Saucony Grid Hurricane 15 Was $229 now $189
Brooks Ariel Was $239 now $189
New Balance W860 (Bwidth) Was $179 now $129
Brooks Ravenna Was $189 now $149
Brooks Adrenaline Was $209 now $159

Womens Neutral:
Mizuno Wave Rider 16 Was $189 now $149
New Balance W880 (D width) Was $145 now $119
Saucony Triumph 10 Was $199 now $159
Nike Zoom Elite Was $169 now $139
Asics Gel Fuji Sensor Was $189 now $149

Womens Lightweight:
Brooks Pureflow 2 Was $179 now $149

Womens Cross Training:
Asics Gel Netburner 13 Was $159 now $129

Racing / Minimal
Piranha 4 Was $189 now $139
Asics Hyperspeed 5 Was $135 now $109
Mizuno Ronin 4 Was $189 now $129
Saucony Hattori Was $119 now $59

Mizuno Tokyo (top end sprint)Was $169 now $89
Asics Hyperrocket Girl 5 Was $89 now $69
Asics Hyperrocket Girl Sprint 4 Was $89 now $69

Boys / Girls Adrenaline Was $115 now $89
New Balance 860 Girls (sz 5-7) Was $89 now $69
Asics Girls GT-2170 Was $109 now $79

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

20 years ago today

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I remember exactly where I was 20 years ago today. In Belconnen on a hot day dressed in a suit. Today one of my daughters and her husband celebrate 20 years of marriage. That does make me feel old! Happy anniversary Loani and Wes.

Meanwhile our latest training sessions:
Thursday 12 December speedygeese @ Parliament House
Colin and Bronwyn ran 8 x NW corner 400m loops on 4 minutes from the tennis court. I supervised.

Saturday 14 December speedyducks @ Acton Ferry Terminal
There were plenty of ducks on the recently refilled lake today. Andy & I ran long. The run felt good for once.

Sunday 15 December speedygeese @ Stromlo Forest Park
Ewen and I ran at Stromlo. I managed 10 x 100m sprints in a 12k run. Ewen is just starting up again after injury. Also training at Stromlo were Bruce, Carol, Katie and Maria.

Monday 16 December 13 speedygeese @ Parliament House
The session was a 12 x 150m hill on 2 minutes, through the "tunnel" down by the lake.
After Miranda and I ran 8k early, and in the warmup when I "did a CJ" and skinned both knees on concrete, running were Christopher, Bronwyn, Heather, Susan, Rae, Mick C, Andy, Warrick, Jen, Mick H, Andrew, Miranda, and me.
We retired to Lotus Bay for Christmas drinks and a bight to eat: Susan, Rae, Mick C, Andy, Warrick, Jen, CJ, Dave B, Ruth, and still me in shorts and bloody knees.

Our latest pocket rocket, Heather

Heather's silver at the Black Mountain Challenge. Kym was third. Is that Trevor photo-bombing?
Twenty years ago Heather was just one year old.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Recent Race Results

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Wednesday 27 November BBQ Stakes 6k handicap
1. Kerrie Tanner 32:20
53. Caroline Campbell 41:58
57 finishers

Tuesday 10 December YCRC Christmas relays
64. David Clarke M55 6:12
65. Mick Horan M50 6:12
94. Maria O'Reilly W55 6:42

Saturday 14 December Ginninderra Parkrun #86
64 Thea Zimpel 26:18 W30
143 finishers

Saturday 14 December Tuggeranong Parkrun #43
10 David Clarke 19:36 M55 New PB!
168 Ewen Thompson 44:10 M55
178 finishers

Saturday 14 December Gungahlin Parkrun #9
28 Amanda Cook 25:44 W35
46 Margaret McSpadden 29:23 W65
96 finishers

Sunday 15 December Tour de Ridges tba
Check again next Tuesday for more race updates!

ACTVAC track program
Combined events 9 & 16 January 2014: linked here.
ACTVAC program 23 January thru 3 April 2014: linked here.

Canberra's Scott Imhoff winning the Merimbula Parkrun in a record 17:09. This is one you will have to run if you are down the coast these holidays!

Monday, 16 December 2013


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Best music albums of 2013 - so far
#5 album of 2013 "Trouble Will Find Me" by The National
#4 album of 2013 "Amelia" by Lifehouse

Music albums of 2013 - continued
#3 album of 2013 "Reflektor" by Arcade Fire.
Three of the tracks are recorded live on this video:
Here Comes the Night Time; We Exist; and Normal Person.

From http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fFAKrIntzY

Sunday, 15 December 2013

How to Say 'Merry Christmas' in 24 Languages

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I think it might be about time to strengthen international relationships and learn how to tell everyone "Merry Christmas". Here is a start.

from http://youtu.be/_cSYIhQ522A

Wish someone "Merry Christmas" today!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Why exercise helps you think straight

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"After a bout of exercise, it's common for people to report that they seem to think a bit more clearly, and even be more creative. Scientific American explains exactly why we think this is.
When you exercise, you increase your blood pressure and blood flow throughout the body. This includes the brain, so when you exercise your brain gets more energy and more oxygen. That's not all though. As Scientific American points out, it's also about longer term effects:
"Another explanation for why working up a sweat enhances our mental capacity is that the hippocampus, a part of the brain critical for learning and memory, is highly active during exercise. When the neurons in this structure rev up, research shows that our cognitive function improves. For instance, studies in mice have revealed that running enhances spatial learning. Other recent work indicates that aerobic exercise can actually reverse hippocampal shrinkage, which occurs naturally with age, and consequently boost memory in older adults. Yet another study found that students who exercise perform better on tests than their less athletic peers.
"It makes sense when you think about it, and certainly echoes ideas we've heard before about boosting creativity with a walk or just a little exercise."

Friday, 13 December 2013

Parliament House from space

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This photo was taken from space by the NASA Astronaut Rick Mastracchio, on board ISS! I think we are in the picture somewhere!

There are more of his amazing pictures of earth from space at his twitter site

Thursday, 12 December 2013

M65 ACT track records

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Here they are
400m 64.19Geoff Sims
800m 2:41.2Keith Perroux
1500m 5:32.0Keith Perroux88 secs per lap
mile 5:59.9Keith Perroux
3000m 11:43.2Peter Kallio
5000m 20:23.21Robbie Costmeyer
10000m 40.54.9Peter Kallio
hour 13226mMichael Freer
The 400m and the 10000m look way out of my reach this season; the 1500m is probably the easiest to achieve. But despite all the training I am still not improving...yet.

What times or goals are YOU aiming for this track season?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

December training sessions

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Thursday 5 December speedygeese @ Parliament House
10 x 100m SE hill on 90 before rain (and light hail) drove us away. Bronwyn, Miranda and I participated.

Saturday 7 December speedyducks @ Acton Ferry Terminal
Miranda and I had a longish run. We noticed that the footbridge down by the lake where the landslide happened is nearly finished. And at the dragonboats I stopped and talked to a cyclist who was an old friend of Keith Bradley.

Sunday 8 December speedygeese @ Stromlo Forest Park
Dave (new), Andrew, Lucia & I ran - Dave set off to run three x 1k and the third was with Lucia & Andrew's first. But he continued on to complete five, averaging around 3:50. Andrew averaged just over 3:30 for his three, and Lucia under 4 minutes. I did some sprints. We also saw Carol and Bruce training there.

Monday 9 December speedygeese @ Parliament House
We started with our chin-up challenge, where Heather was the second woman ever to have completed the goal of ten without stopping. Then we had another go at the SE hill and ten of us started 20x100m up the hill, five of us completing all 20. The runners training today were Andy, Bronwyn, Christopher, Garry, me, Heather, Jen, Mick C, Miranda, Warrick.

Christmas on the Hill

It's coming, it's coming. Note the people rolling down the hill - Bronwyn and Jodie used to do that when they were younger. Note the sign "Save the Bilby", Bilbys and speedygeese are friends. What else can you see?

Christmas drinks
Next Monday 16 December we will go for Christmas drinks straight after training.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

recent race results

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Wednesday 20 November BBQ Stakes 6k Handicap
9. Kerrie Tanner 29:22
18. Jennifer Bright 26:14
23. Caroline Campbell 37:16
32. Andrew Matthews 30:48
54 finishers

Tuesday 3 December YCRC Spring Series #5
Stromlo Forest Park 2k
21. Ewen Thompson M55 10:35
30 finishers

Stromlo Forest Park 5k
31. Andrew Matthews M50 23:08
33. Kathy Sims W60 23:36
48. Mick Charlton M60 28:23
59 finishers

Friday 6 December Customs 5k Handicap
Bronwyn Calver 23:59
Caroline Campbell 31:10

Saturday 7 December Ginninderra Parkrun #85
120 finishers

Saturday 7 December Tuggeranong Parkrun #42
9 David CLARKE 20:15 M55 (PB stays at 19:49)
129 finishers

Saturday 7 December Gungahlin Parkrun #8
35 Janene KINGSTON 24:26 W45 New PB!
61 Margaret MCSPADDEN 28:42 W65
126 finishers

Sunday 8 December Black Mountain Challenge
26. Heather Davidson 25:11 5:02
28. Kym Chisholm W30 25:32
47. Kathy Sims W60 28:46
75. Mick Charlton M60 32:43
94. Caroline Campbell W70 34:34
172 finishers

Monday, 9 December 2013

Life's Journey in Slow Motion

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Albums of the year #4 “Almeria” by Lifehouse. Consistently good and deeply moving.
One of the best songs from this album is “Slow Motion”.

At http://youtu.be/78SRZuZZfpE

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Pictures from the Central Curtin Handicap

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Mick H





Mick H




Saturday, 7 December 2013

blog slide show to be revamped

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I am thinking of updating the slideshow at the top this blog to show a series of "form guides". At present the slideshow has six links, each linking to six interesting posts, plus selected photos.

For example a photo of Margaret like the one below, taken at today's Gungahlin Parkrun, would be accompanied by some text about the highlights of her career. All regular members of the speedygeese would be included in this.

I won't do it "when I get time", I had better start sooner than that!

Friday, 6 December 2013


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"Endurance also fades if you skip exercising for too many days in a row. The same is true, sadly, with motivation. In study after study, researchers have found that one of the primary reasons people continue exercising is that they enjoyed yesterday’s exercise or the exertions of the day before; they felt healthier and more physically masterful afterward and wish to relive that sensation. Longer periods between exercise sessions potentially could dull that enthusiasm." - http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/06/14/ask-well-how-often-to-exercise/

How to get fit? What is the MOST IMPORTANT factor? My answer is CONSISTENCY. So just before I do what my program says and head off to the gym before doing some sprints on an oval, here is an interesting article which talks about CONSISTENCY and REST.

"It's common wisdom that missing a day or two of exercise makes it harder to get back to it the next day, but The New York Times points out that it's not as cut and dried as simple motivation. A number of other factors show how important consistency is when sticking to a workout..."

... continued at http://lifehacker.com/why-consistency-matters-with-exercise-513762748

And it references the New York Times article which concludes...

“The key is probably to not miss more than two days in a row,” Dr. Joyner says, “and skipping only one day is even better.”


But the greatest of these is CONSISTENCY.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Chin-up exercise

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As shown in the photos,
. chin-ups are performed with full extension
. the feet do not touch the ground.
. hands are in the "curl" position
. hands are in line with shoulders

Those who cannot perform a chin-up can be assisted to chin the bar, and then should attempt to lower themselves slowly back to the start position.

Also, many gyms have assisted chin-up machines where the more weight you add, the easier the exercise. I can do about three unassisted chin-ups at a time, and with "80lb" on the machine, a set of 3 x six, currently. I anticipate that by training on the machine, my unassisted count will improve. 

"Pull-ups" are slightly different from chin-ups. With pull-ups the hands are turned so the palms face away from the body, and the hands are wider apart. There is not much difference between them. However I find pull-ups less than comfortable; my shoulders complain. So for now I am sticking to chin-ups.

We will be doing a weekly chin-up (or pull-up) test as part of our warm-up each Monday, when I remember. This will be optional, no need to participate if you don't want to for one reason or another. But Craig and I will be competing to see who can get to ten first. He is up to seven, I am up to three. But I am very keen to improve.

Basic upper body strength is essential for runners, particularly for middle distance, cross country, and trail running.