Friday, 3 August 2012

not training; streaking

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, August 03, 2012 with 3 comments
Another day another 4k jogette. I am not supposed to be running at the moment - I have an inflamed heel of my right foot - so I am only shuffling. Have to keep that streak up: 216 days and counting! Jogging isn't really "running" is it? It certainly isn't training. I see this as a chance to have more of a focus on the gym work-outs; supplementing this with a bit of a trot on my toes on grass seems OK.

Here's an Olympic Clarke & Dawe.  Who are among the most physically attractive people on earth?

Training at Parliament House last night: Jen, Ewen & Cathy ran early. At 5:30pm Abi, Andy, Caroline, Colin, Susan, Verena (new) and Warrick ran a session of 5 x 600m (300 recovery) + 300. I supervised and joggled around.

Melissa is on soon!  Brendan too! Be watching early tonight. (666 ABC radio is more reliable than WIN, but.)


  1. Sorry to hear about the heel. No good. Are you still planning to hobble around lake tomorrow?! [miranda]

    1. I will be there at 9:00. Might joggle. A few new people are coming (perhaps) so pleasant company for them would be appreciated! i.e. you!

  2. And @Elzywellings in the 10,000 early tomorrow morning.