Wednesday, 18 April 2012

the soft and grassy track

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 with 2 comments
Dickson training last night: Excellent conditions, great track, all the lights on, gentle breeze, and eight of us attending,  running 200s+ in lane 4 with a good recovery. I jogged around (my fourth session since the 50k!). Craig, Kym, Neil, Susan, Suzie, Tony & Yelena ran the half-laps in two continuous relay teams. A good core group, a good number for our first ever Tuesday night at Dickson. Next week at least three of us will head off earlier at 4:00pm for a longer run. At 5:30pm we warm-up for the main session: I may cut down the warm-up time so we can fit in more intervals with a decent rest between them. Of course people can arrive any time before 5:30pm to extend their warm-up time if they are able.

The track is in the best condition I can remember. And it is so good to get off the roads!

Great photo of Ruth running Sunday's marathon

Our group dinner will not be on the 24th as advertised, we are training that day: I will book for a later date, probably a Monday, and let you know.

Exercise every day or become extinct!

At Parliament House on Thursdays we may do more than just run!


  1. Ruth spent too much time waving!

    Yes, love the grass. Dickson sounds just like Calwell. One bonus of a wet summer!

  2. Love that T-Rex picture...