Friday, 20 April 2012


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More of a traditional training pattern for me for the next 6 months, helped by the fact that I'm coaching Tuesdays & Thursdays instead of Mondays & Thursdays.

Monday: recovery run - jog 10k
Tuesday: gym (strength/flexibility) and jog 6k, then 20k run in the evening, building pace
Wednesday: recovery run - jog 6k
Thursday: am jog 6k. pm 14k pace variation
Friday: gym (cardio/circuit) and jog 6k
Saturday: 20k run (or more) in the morning, or if I'm going out to the cross country, 10k in the morning, and 10k in the afternoon including a tempo run
Sunday: my speed day; either race or intervals or hills, 12k altogether.
Total for each week 100k plus any supplementary running.

This plan is totally flexible and I will try to work it around holidays, the weather, important races, etc.

Streak: part of the reason I am getting fitter is my running streak, now 112  days. At this stage of my progress I have got to the point where my "days off" are easy short runs, and where I can have the occasional additional early run some days.


"School of gillards and even an old carr"

Stopped in our tracks

Our first Thursday at Parliament House last night was a success, despite the deluge which stopped us in our tracks part-way through. At training 18 participated: Alain (new), Andrew, Andy, Bronwyn, Caroline, Craig, Ewen, me, Jen, Jennifer (new), Justine (new), Kym, Lucia, Neil, Ruth, Susan, Suzie & Tony. Four of us ran early, then we ran 8x100m hils on 90 at which point we had to stop because of the rain.


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  1. I'll be similar on Saturdays - 10k jog in the morning if racing the YCRC race in the afternoon.