Friday, 27 April 2012

Enjoy your endocannabinoids

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, April 27, 2012 with 7 comments

I have never experienced runner's high, not in 50+ years of running, I did once however experience swimmer's high, an out of body, time whooshing by, feeling for a km or so during a 5km pool swim. So that's how I know that nothing like that has occurred while running!
Running is more in-body for me. Welcoming the pain and trying for more.

Last night at Parliament House I ran early with Cathy, Jen & Justine, then supervised a very tough session of 20 x 100m uphill on 90 seconds at one of the more difficult east side hills, with Cookie, Andy, Bronwyn, Craig, Ruth, Tony & Warrick. Fortunately that's the last of the steeper hill sessions for a while.

I got quite tired towards the end of yesterday's training, but I am still astonished how well I am recovering from the 50k of just 12 days ago.
  • no new injuries
  • no missing toenails
  • no blisters
  • no post-marathon cold
  • no missed training days, and
  • no plan to do it again, ever.
When I run tomorrow it will be 120 days, straight.


  1. Belated "congrats" on your Canberra 50km. (I've been in France getting fat and unfit on pastries etc!). You ran well and got a BIG tick off your bucket list.

    Thanks for posting the 1/2 marathon list - very helpful.

    p.s. we all say "never again" after an ultra but most of us re-neg. Time will tell ....

    1. Yes I can just see a particularly large, fat and unfit jogblog waddling around the lake on Saturdays ... NOT!

  2. You are recovering very well Speedygeoff because you got the training right to start the ultra. Then nothing went wrong on the day, so great recovery. Well done.
    There may be another 50 km in you, never say never. Or just go up a few more kms at Bush Capital 60 km at end of July.

    1. There's a rumour about the BC60 to celebrate 60 years of running...

      I've often had a high-jumper's high.

    2. The Bush Capital 60k is most enticing, particularly given the new course...

  3. I love those endocannabinoids, but then again I do have a bit of a drug fixation ;-). There haven't been any runners highs for quite some time, but I live in hope. Something has to keep me running.

    1. ...or one could say, runners are on a high all the time.