Saturday, 21 April 2012

cold shower

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, April 21, 2012 with 4 comments
Another thing which may have helped recovery was the cold shower. Every shower time I start off with hot then (if I remember) switch to cold and run the water over the legs for a time, front and back. This is particularly effective in Canberra's winter. My understanding though is that alternating hot/cold for up to seven times is more effective again. Seems a bit of a waste of water though. Plunge pools too are supposed to be more effective, because of water pressure. But I don't have access to one.

You get used to it!

Training at Acton Ferry Terminal this morning, and running between 10k and 20k, were Abi, Andy, Justine, Ewen, Kym, me, Ruth, Laura dlC, Thach, Suzi, Jennifer & Alain. Also Zainab & Riki who just missed us. And we saw Caroline run through as well. A very good turn-out, and so soon after some had run marathons or halves!

It was the wedding day for Ishara & Byron today. Byron ran with us a few times on Saturdays, last year.


  1. I was told to alternate cold/hot four times — one minute cold, one minute hot, etc. I can't do ice baths, but the shower thing I can handle. You just scream and slap the wall a few times when the cold comes on.

  2. It's taken you a long time to get the idea that cold water recovery treatment works. Pity you don't live near the river. Even in mid winter I go to the river for 30 seconds in, 1 minute out. Repeat any number of times or as long as you can handle the cold temp. Water out of a tap is fine, may be not cold enough for muscle recovery.Apparently temp needs to be under 14 degrees to be effective. Just remember as well, Janene doesn't believe in this recovery technique, not everyone is convinced that is works. However, enjoy.

    1. When have the time , which is not very often, I like to go the plunge pool at the ais. One min cold, 3 mins in the spa, after a 1 k swim. That's my fav recovery routine when I'm training hard. I walk out feeling so much better.

    2. Good idea. I used to swim at the AIS regularly but suffered (a) shocking skin problems (b) back seizures. Maybe I'm over it, should resume sometime and see. The plunge pool there is a good one.