Wednesday, 20 July 2011

pink morphs to green

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Sorry about the pink colour this new look blog has adopted, I promise it will morph to a lovely pastel green (or something more visible) as soon as I find time. Which should take me half an hour if not less but today I am feeling 50% better so I will try and get out of here for a run at lunchtime, then I am stacking wood, going out for dinner, and finally I might stay up tonight and watch Cadel coming through the snow and through the field in France/Italy. Those alps snow pictures will look amazing.

And Peru play Uruguay in a few minutes but I'll be out so I shall record it. Go Peru (we have a few Peru fans amongst the speedygeese)

A quick catch-up on results: Jogalong 3 July revisited as now appear on the YCRC website
Cinea Ryan 32:13 (was 34:13)
Helen Larmour 27:02 (was 34.32)
Naomi Barker 35:55 (unchanged)
Fiona Hedgecoe 35:56 (unchanged)
Nadine Morrison 29:26 (was 36.56)
Caroline Campbell 36:58 (was 39.27)
Thea Zimpel 27:00 (was 43:30)
Thea reported a time of 37:00, so the 27:00 is a typo, otherwise the times may now be right. Fiona is quicker than that but would have jogged with her sister Naomi.

YCRC Lotus Bay 5k 16 July
31 Caroline Campbell W65 32:24
35 finishers

Canberra: who'd live anywhere else?


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