Friday, 29 July 2011

marginal concern

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Clarke&Dawe, from

Dickson Training last night: Craig, Bronwyn, Nadine & I ran early: then while I jogged around and completed 20.5k, Craig & Colin ran 12 x 300m on 2:30; Janene, Roger & Garry ran some of them; Nadine. Susan & Suzie ran laps at the same pace or faster.

Congratulations to Amanda Cook for completing 100 games in the ACT Women's AFL. Cookie used to play for Eastlake, now plays for the Jets with Bronwyn,

Brrrrr. A classic quote from ABC weatherman Mark Carmody on Wednesday night: “The reason for the sunny conditions was the lack of cloud.” The clear conditions brought a chilly minimum of minus 8 last night but the house was a mild plus 10 so we were cosy. It should be nice and sunny for today's Customs Joggers run.

Michelle flying at Mt Ainslie


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