Thursday, 7 July 2011


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World Masters Games at Sacramento: I have added Keith Bateman's blog to my blog list on the sidebar, not the least because he will have a day by day description of his Sacramento experiences. Well worth a read.

Jet lag: If you read down Keith's blog you will see a post on how he dealt with potential jet lag. Simply, he adjusted before he departed, rather than on arrival with a cross country race looming.

Running at ****son: It's definitely on, see you there today. Antill St at 4:00pm for a long run, and 5:30pm for whatever we can do in the cold.

Racing at Mt Ainslie

Roger, Maria, Nadine, Graham, Kerrie B.

Overcome self imposed limits

Too old, too slow, too cold, too sore? Naaaah, forget it, just run.


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