Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sacramento success

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From Sacramento: in the W60 1500m final, Kathy Sims ran fourth in 5:56.13. And in a men’s 1500m final, Keith Bateman from Sydney ran a time of 4:12.35 to set his fifth M55 world record. Two awesome performances.

I didn't run yesterday, I came down with a vicious sore throat/cold on top of everything else, and stayed inside in the warmth. This morning I ran a comfortable 20k with Katherine who was running 25k, preparing for the Sydney marathon in two months time. Conditions this morning were perfect; no breeze, a cloud cover to keep the temperature up, and the mizzle over Belconnen staying put and not drifting east to affect us as we ran along Lake Burley Griffiin and around Mt Ainslie. And drugs certainly helped me too. But I wasn't keen to take any cold tablets yesterday as I didn't want to run fast on drugs after two very intense racing/training days.

 Still on track despite a cold winter.

Michelle racing at Mt Ainslie

It's a good track to train on as well as to race on. Some Saturday mornings, today included, I have been making sure I run the whole Vets Handicap course as part of my long training run.


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