Tuesday, 5 July 2011


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Song of the week. Haven’t heard this one for a while. From http://youtu.be/FzJm9l4FjKA

Training at Parliament House: another session of 200m runs next to the eastern road, with recovery jogs via the rose garden. Running early were Ewen, Craig, Nadine & I, then for the main session we were joined by Andrew, Andy, Cathy, Colin, Neil, Warrick & Yelena. Another great day for running. I managed all twelve intervals running strongly with no soreness, a first! Helped by the medical report I just received which not only cleared me of any problems but showed a very good cholesterol level, 3.2, well below any kind of risk level. So, in my fiftieth year as a competitive runner, I can declare it's well worth it.

Andrew has just turned 40. Happy Birthday!

Nadine running at Mt Ainslie

Family news: My eldest daughter Loani (39 this month) recently sent an email about her children's feats:

Hi everyone just want to share with you some of our latest achievements.

Kayleigh- Gymnastics IDP6 State champion on Beam, 3rd overall at state and 1st overall at National Trials gaining selected in the NSW squad, leaving on the 12th of July to Perth.
After coming 3rd at district ran 23rd in regional cross country out of 74 competitors.
Triple equal 4th in High jump in District Athletics. Unknown placing in Long jump.

Jarod- School champion for Athletics 1st place in all events except high jump 2nd. At district came 3rd in 100 meters, 2nd in 200 meters, 2nd in High jump, 2nd in Long jump, 3rd in 800 meters and our relay team came first. Coming to Canberra in September for regional Athletics.
After placing 4th in district cross country ran 30th in regional cross country out of 66 competitors.

Alex- Got my 1st banner!
Started a boys class at gym.
Looking forward to building with the 1600 piece lego kit mum just bought from the toy sale at Kmart.

Olivia- Celebrating 100 days of kindergarten on Fri.
Very excited about doing her first prep level 1 gym comp on this sat! Accepted the fact that mum was not going to buy her a new comp leo with super sparkly pink stripes, when she could wear her sisters old one with only slightly faded pink stripes.

Will- Regularly climbs onto the kitchen table (we have to hide the chairs). Loves running laps of the hallway either pushing things, pulling things, being chased by other siblings (not recommended) or just for pure fun and to build up speed. Could also come in handy for making train rides go faster (If you haven't read "going to grandpa bears" I recommend it.)

Subsequently we received the news that Olivia in her first ever gym comp was 1st on floor, 2nd on bars, 2nd on vault, 3rd on beam, 3rd overall. She received a special certificate and a medal.

And subsequently we also heard that Loani is expecting child number six, due in six months time. Which will make grandchild number 13 for us.

Fitness, health and sport; you can't beat it.


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