Sunday, 31 July 2011

racing catch-up

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Friday 29th - Customs Joggers 5k
Geoff Moore 21:22
Gary Bowen 22:01
Jen Bright 26:06
Yelena Pearson 26:08
Miranda Rawlinson 26:11

Saturday 30th - Bush Capital Marathon events
Full speedygeese results soon
16k Michelle Wells second woman, **silver**

Sunday 31st - Blewitts Veterans Handicap races
Blewitts 7.2k
10 Kathy Southgate W55 31:25 92.3%
11 Alan Duus M65 39:28 68.8
16 Brett Morrison M40 42:40 53.4
18 Rae Palmer W60 42:45 76.0
22 Geoff Moore M60 33:34 80.3
23 Christopher Lang M60 40:15 66.2
29 Debbie Cowell W50 36:31 76.5
31 David Baussmann M60 37:22 71.6
33 Emma Adams W40 33:25 75.1
37 David Webster M55 34:50 75.8
43 Rod Lynch M50 31:58 76.5
50 Nadine Morrison W40 36:55 67.5
56 Jeni Greenland W35 44:24 54.8
58 Janene Kingston W45 40:05 65.9
65 Alan Williams M60 44:37 60.6
67 Ruth Baussmann W60 46:07 67.3
80 Mick Horan M50 37:39 65.6
83 Helen Larmour W50 42:07 66.3
84 Margaret McSpadden W60 60:18 53.9
86 finishers

Blewitts 3.5k
4 Katie Forestier W45 14:42 81.7% **bronze**
11 Jill Pearson W50 18:59 68.7
12 Ken White M55 15:30 76.6
14 Graeme Patrick M55 17:29 68.7
15 Noeline Burden W55 20:52 65.6
16 Amanda Walker W40 17:43 67.2
22 Cathy Montalto W55 20:36 68.4
24 Gary Bowen M50 16:16 71.0
28 Lorna Burdon W70 28:05 65.2
29 Peter Hogan M60 19:16 65.1
34 Garry Maher M60 20:21 61.6
36 Tony Booth M70 23:14 61.2
40 finishers

Despite setbacks and pending surgery....

Brett is still persisting manfully. (taken at Mt Ainslie)

There's no doubt about it, ... after today this is true for each of us...

Saturday, 30 July 2011


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This would be my first rest Saturday for a while. Shouldn't really but I am a bit sore and a massage yesterday means it is a good idea to let everything settle down. Meanwhile the third approximately minus seven in a row this morning would have been fun for the bush capital marathoners. Luckily for the vets handicappers tomorrow is set to be plus two. Lucky that is if we get the expected rain clouds and only a smidgeon of rain with it.

No shelter at Blewitts.

There is also a high noon meet this Sunday I appear to have overlooked.

Here are some photos of the Tuggeranong Creek taken yesterday morning when we had our coldest Canberra minimum for 17 years.

Friday, 29 July 2011

marginal concern

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Clarke&Dawe, from

Dickson Training last night: Craig, Bronwyn, Nadine & I ran early: then while I jogged around and completed 20.5k, Craig & Colin ran 12 x 300m on 2:30; Janene, Roger & Garry ran some of them; Nadine. Susan & Suzie ran laps at the same pace or faster.

Congratulations to Amanda Cook for completing 100 games in the ACT Women's AFL. Cookie used to play for Eastlake, now plays for the Jets with Bronwyn,

Brrrrr. A classic quote from ABC weatherman Mark Carmody on Wednesday night: “The reason for the sunny conditions was the lack of cloud.” The clear conditions brought a chilly minimum of minus 8 last night but the house was a mild plus 10 so we were cosy. It should be nice and sunny for today's Customs Joggers run.

Michelle flying at Mt Ainslie

Thursday, 28 July 2011

a very tough 7.2k handicap

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This Sunday's Vets Handicap at Blewitts Pines will be tough... tough, Saturday's Bush Capital Marathon may be easier!

Yesterday's BBQ Stakes 6k
Geoff Moore 26:18
Gary Bowen 27:48
Helen Larmour 31:46
Roger Pilkington 32:45
Caroline Campbell 40:16

Caroline turns 69 next Monday. Racing at Stromlo...

... with the orange top...

... chasing Jill.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

from Ewen in the states

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Saturday 23 July 2011. 11.30 A.M. From Ewen

We're sitting on the train at New Haven station in Connecticut. Managed to fluke a cab this morning just as we walked down the stairs of our guest house on Lexington. Bit of a chaotic queue at Penn Station (cab ride was $6 each including the tip). The train arrives at Boston in an hour and a half. Predicted maximum temp there today is 99 degrees, 1 degree cooler than in New York.

Had a great time in New York. Loved the city and only being two blocks from Central Park (what a blessing this park is for New Yorkers). I set the alarm for 6.15am most mornings (ugh!), left Mal and Joy to sleep in and walked over to the park for my daily run. Managed to get totally lost on the second day (exploring the bridle trail and Jackie Kennedy reservoir), ending up with a long walk home.

The weather has been a constant talking point - most of the eastern seaboard of the States is experiencing a heat wave. Yesterday was the hottest July 22 on record in Central Park with the temperature reaching 104 degrees F. The main problem for running is that the overnight temps don't drop much (a low yesterday of 29 C at 2am). The humidity is also a killer (especially for a big sweater like myself) - after 3k of running I'm drenched. Blew up big time on my run yesterday, only making 7k to the bottom of the notorious 'Cat Hill' before being forced to walk the last 2.7 k of the main road loop.

The park is only open to cars between 8am and 10am, and is a haven for runners, walkers and cyclists. Cyclists have about a 3/4 width of the road and ride anti-clockwise. Runners are on the inner two 'bike path' lanes and most seemed to run anti-clockwise as well. There's a constant stream of runners using the park and I guess I fall in the 'front half' of the pack speed-wise. I saw a handful of very quick (3 to 4 minute k pace) runners. One day I was passed running up one of the hills by a lady pushing a baby in a stroller. I was doing 5:30/k pace at the time (my pace most days).

Did all the tourist things in New York: Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Statue of Liberty Crown Walk (fantastic - book months early!), Tom's Diner (the Seinfeld Restarant), the biggest cathederal in the world (St John the Devine), 9/11 Memorial & Museum, Macys, a Broadway Show (Catch Me If You Can - brilliant!), Times Square, The Guggenheim Museum, The Boathouse Restarant in Central Park, the 59th St Bridge (local runner TK gave me a personal running tour of her bridge and Roosevelt Island), baseball at Citifield (The Mets won 4-2 - WooHoo!), and much subway riding with the locals.

Only caught the wrong subway train twice. The subways are the best way to get around NYC, although we took a couple of air-conditioned cab rides the last two days. The subway trains are air conditioned, but if you have to wait at a station for more than a couple of minutes (there are usually trains every 2-5 minutes), you start cooking. The temperature in the stations feels about 30 degrees higher than above ground, so on a 100 degree day you don't want to be hanging too long on a subway station. The weather this past week has been unusually hot, but perhaps consider visiting New York in Spring or Fall.

Our accommodation at the Margot Guest House has been perfect: only a block from the subway, three blocks (10 minute walk) from Central Park, and close to excellent local restraunts and a great coffee shop (tea for us) - the East Harlem Cafe. The district used to be called Spanish Harlem (white locals are a minority). We felt perfectly safe and most people we met were friendly and helpful. If we pulled out our map a local would strike up a conversation and head us in the right direction. On our visits downtown we usually had morning or afternoon tea at Starbucks (great for tea!).

Computer time has been limited. I'm way behind on reading running blogs (sorry about that) - usually just have time for reading emails, a quick check of the Aussie News (I'm still leading the work footy tipping comp - go the Blues!), and a quick look at Twitter & Facebook.

Hope everyone is running well (especially the Speedygeese in Canberra). I'll post a couple of Youtuebe videos of my runs in New York when I get a chance. Keep enjoying the cool weather down there - I hear it's great for running.


Meebo. New. Installed in the side bar. I don't know how it works yet, try it if you like, stay tuned.

Yesterday's Ginninderra Handicap. Miranda & I ran the 7k together, we managed about 36:50. It was Miranda's first run there. Not my first run there though; I helped establish the course back in the 1970's. I seem to recall an official pb of 22:19, with a vague recollection of breaking 22:00 once when I was marathon fit.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Kathy Sims World Record

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In the women's W60 4x400m relay in Sacramenta, not only did the Australian team win gold, they broke the existing world record. Our Kathy Sims was in the team.

Kathy Sims Gold Medal and new World Record W60 4 x 400m
Australia 4:55.53
Peake, Evelyn 61
Heagney, Kathryn 60
Perkins, Wilma 61
Sims, Kathryn 60

Geoff Sims in the M60 4x400m relay; team ran sixth.
Australia 4:32.28
Carr, Bill 62
Jermacans, Viddy 62
Sims, Geoffrey 62
Baird, Stephen 60

Runners Shop 10k Saturday 23 July
34. Katie Forestier W45 40:53
46. Ken White M55 44:31
60. Amanda Walker W40 49:13
71. Caroline Campbell W65 56:32
74 finishers

Runners Shop 5k
33. Damian Rutledge M40 20:15
74 finishers also

The 10k was inked in as my major race for July but I was not well enough to compete.

Parliament House last night: Nadine & I did the long warm-up run. At 5:30pm those joining us for interval training were Andrew, Colin, David, Garry, Helen, Jill, Mick, Neil, Rae, Warrick & Yelena. They ran a 24 minute continuous relay at the "lower flags", four teams of two and a team of three.

Song of the week: Snow Patrol, "Called Out in the Dark". From

Monday, 25 July 2011

good times ahead

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Coming Events week 30 of year 2011:

Mon 25 July4:30pmParliament House 8k jog
5:30pmParliament House speedygeese training
Tue 26 July 12:15pmGinninderra 7k handicap
Wed 27 July 12:15pmBBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Thu 28 July 4:00pmDickson Oval long run
5:30pmDickson Oval speedygeese training
Fri 29 July 12:15pmCustoms Joggers 5k handicap
Sat 30 July all dayBush Capital Bush Marathon Festival
Sun 31 July 9:00amACTVAC Handicap, Blewitts Pines

Sunday, 24 July 2011


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Having reported earlier on Pam's run at Badwater (Death Valley) I thought a picture would be good.

A big week coming up ... let's stay well and let's get out and do it.

David's return to running

It is pleasing to see David Webster returning to our Monday night speedygeese training sessions.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Yelena's first "Customs" run: best 5k ever

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Customs Joggers 5k handicap, Friday 22 July
speedygeese participants
Andrew Simpson 19:06
Gary Bowen 22:13
Craig Davis 24:50
Yelena Pearson 26:36
Geoff Moore 26:37
Jen Bright 26:37
Caroline Campbell 28:23

Yelena and friend

Gary, Craig, Yelena & Jen were all having their first run at Customs.  Speedygosling Yelena ran an all-time 5k pb by two minutes, for any course! And this is after training at Dickson on Thursday night. I showed her around the course and she had plenty left for the sprint finish. All bodes well for when she joins the W30s at the end of the year!

And Happy Birthday to grandson Josiah, 11 years old today!

Keith Bateman's M55 1500m World Record at Sacramento, from

Friday, 22 July 2011

keep us posted

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Clarke&Dawe, from

Marathons: "It is difficult to train for a marathon; but it is even more difficult to not be able to train for a marathon". - Aaron Douglas Trimble. For Warrick, Katherine, Craig & Susan, all training well for up-coming marathons.

Dickson Training. Speedygeese numbers are pretty good given that it's the depths of winter. Bronwyn, Craig, Nadine & I ran early. After the warmup and once the lights had come on, at 6:00pm we did our track interval session - 300m continuous relays in teams of two Neil & Amanda, Michelle & Colin, or teams of three, Susan, Craig, Garry, Janene, Karen (new), Yelena. Nadine & I continuing to jog around. Although by the look on Nadine's face, she could have thrown in a few surges along the way.

The blog is now green not pink. Browsers: I now use Firefox exclusively, it's far superior. So this time round I haven't checked how the blog looks in other browsers. Any problems, please let me know!

I thought might change the speedygeese red to another colour for future posts if it look OK and if it's not too confusing. Though, unlike background and layout and default format changes, I can't make these specific colour changes retrospective. Blue should be OK? Shouldn't be confused with links, as all links are now underlined...

Thursday, 21 July 2011

3½ minutes

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Last week's Customs 5k Friday 15 July: Caroline Campbell 30:54. This week (tomorrow) Yelena Pearson, Jen Bright, Gary Bowen & I all plan to run Customs, I might just show the new starters around the course instead of racing it.

Yesterday's BBQ Stakes 6k Wednesday 20 July: Gary Bowen 28:56, Kerrie Tanner 29:46, Geoff Moore 30:04, Andy Matthews 30:35, Roger Pilkington 30:40, Jen Bright 32:11, Caroline Campbell ran too. This week I was 3½ minutes slower than last week, due to illness, but now having "recovered" (?) should get most of that back next week. Good to see Kerrie slowly returning to form. Jen had her first Customs run, and was taking it steady.

Gary Bowen racing at Stromlo

Song of the week: "Bloodbuzz Ohio", by The National, from "High Violet". At

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

pink morphs to green

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Sorry about the pink colour this new look blog has adopted, I promise it will morph to a lovely pastel green (or something more visible) as soon as I find time. Which should take me half an hour if not less but today I am feeling 50% better so I will try and get out of here for a run at lunchtime, then I am stacking wood, going out for dinner, and finally I might stay up tonight and watch Cadel coming through the snow and through the field in France/Italy. Those alps snow pictures will look amazing.

And Peru play Uruguay in a few minutes but I'll be out so I shall record it. Go Peru (we have a few Peru fans amongst the speedygeese)

A quick catch-up on results: Jogalong 3 July revisited as now appear on the YCRC website
Cinea Ryan 32:13 (was 34:13)
Helen Larmour 27:02 (was 34.32)
Naomi Barker 35:55 (unchanged)
Fiona Hedgecoe 35:56 (unchanged)
Nadine Morrison 29:26 (was 36.56)
Caroline Campbell 36:58 (was 39.27)
Thea Zimpel 27:00 (was 43:30)
Thea reported a time of 37:00, so the 27:00 is a typo, otherwise the times may now be right. Fiona is quicker than that but would have jogged with her sister Naomi.

YCRC Lotus Bay 5k 16 July
31 Caroline Campbell W65 32:24
35 finishers

Canberra: who'd live anywhere else?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

2499th post

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A Tale of Three Emmas

Training at Parliament House last night
Nadine & Craig did the early run – headed west for the usual 8km run to the wharf with a bit extra at the end. At 5:30 they were joined by Dave; Neil; Ruth; Colin; Yelena; Mick C; Andy; Warrick & Garry.

They did the usual warm up loop and then the plan was to do 12 continuous laps of the Rose Garden – 200m hard / 200m recovery. Most did the 12; Colin did 14 and a few people did 11. Nadine did her planned shorter, flatter runs. Everyone looked like they were working hard.

Ended with the usual cool down lap. A nice night – a bit cold but not too bad and we were sheltered from the breeze in the rose garden.

Report by Craig

Mr 100%

Monday, 18 July 2011

vault bars beam and floor

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Coming Events week 29 of year 2011:

Mon 18 July4:30pmParliament House 8k jog
5:30pmParliament House speedygeese training
Wed 20 July 12:15pmBBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Thu 21 July 4:00pmDickson Oval long run
5:30pmDickson Oval speedygeese training
Fri 22 July 12:15pmCustoms Joggers 5k handicap
Sat 23 July 8:00amMetro Runners Acton Ferry Terminal
1:00pmYCRC Runners Shop 10k

Granddaughter Kayleigh has been competing in Perth at the National Gymnastics Championships.
IDP6: 30 competitors.
Day one:
20th on vault, 29th on bars, 3rd on beam, 5th on floor, 22nd overall.
Day two:
24th on vault, 16th on bars, **first** on beam, 6th on floor, 5th overall.
22nd on vault, 26th on bars, 2nd on beam, 3rd on floor, 14th overall.

A bit tough when you're only just 12 years old and the only person you know there is your coach... 

"About Me". I have updated “about me“ (linked here) because I remembered I have been setting some new 2011 pbs. Nothing to write home about though.

Giving up was never an option.

I have been watching the Tour; never followed it before. Hurray for endurance events, and amazing that we see a full coverage of it.

Yesterday's Canada Day Fun Run here in Canberra was four laps of the Stromlo grass track, Warrick tells me. Great, I'm in it next year, if it's on again.

Winter in Canberra

I'm cooooold. But as I complete this post, 11am Monday morning, some rain is starting to fall at last here in Holt. My cold will probably stop me running for a couple more days, so let it rain!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

quiet day at home

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Sacramento result in the M60 400m for Geoff Sims:
heats 62.35
semis 59.66
final 60.56 6th place

I had 21k planned this morning but my sore throat turned into a cold overnight, and I am spending a quiet day at home. Hopefully I shall "knock it on the head" today and get back into the routine tomorrow.

A freezing Canberra winter is taking its toll and it's only mid July.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sacramento success

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From Sacramento: in the W60 1500m final, Kathy Sims ran fourth in 5:56.13. And in a men’s 1500m final, Keith Bateman from Sydney ran a time of 4:12.35 to set his fifth M55 world record. Two awesome performances.

I didn't run yesterday, I came down with a vicious sore throat/cold on top of everything else, and stayed inside in the warmth. This morning I ran a comfortable 20k with Katherine who was running 25k, preparing for the Sydney marathon in two months time. Conditions this morning were perfect; no breeze, a cloud cover to keep the temperature up, and the mizzle over Belconnen staying put and not drifting east to affect us as we ran along Lake Burley Griffiin and around Mt Ainslie. And drugs certainly helped me too. But I wasn't keen to take any cold tablets yesterday as I didn't want to run fast on drugs after two very intense racing/training days.

 Still on track despite a cold winter.

Michelle racing at Mt Ainslie

It's a good track to train on as well as to race on. Some Saturday mornings, today included, I have been making sure I run the whole Vets Handicap course as part of my long training run.

Friday, 15 July 2011

red spot special

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Dickson Training last night: I ran early then got sucked into participating in my intense track interval session, so won't be racing at Customs today! The coach should be allowed to opt out! Three days in a row flat out is a no-no, and therefore an easy jog of 10k or so will do today before tomorrow morning's long run. Also running early were Craig & Bronwyn, who didn't stay for the session, and Nadine, who ran half the early run and half the track session. Arriving at 5:30pm for the interval session were Cinea (new), Colin, Garry, Heather (new), James (new), Joel, Kate (new), Neil, Roger, Ruth & Susan. We ran 12 x 300m+ in teams of two, a 100m+ jog in between. 300m+ because we were in lane four.

Last night's Clarke&Dawe: Portugal is for sale! From


Sacramento: Kathy Sims is running the W60 1500m, Geoff Sims the M60 400m and qualified easily after the first round. If you look up the website at, beware: before the final is run, a list of times may appear next to the athletes names as if that's what they ran in the final, without explanation, but possibly these are qualifying times.

speedygeese at the women's 6k Jogalong 3 July
Naomi Barker 35:55
Fiona Hedgecoe 35:56
Cinea Ryan 34:13
Caroline Campbell 39:27
Helen Larmour 34:32
Nadine Morrison 36:56
Thea Zimpel 43:30
105 finishers
I should point out that these times are incorrect, due to errors by the race officials! The women ran way faster than the times they were given.

2011 Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival, Campbell High School, Saturday 30 July

Entries for the Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival on Saturday 30 July close at midnight this Friday 15 July. After then you can still enter but late entry fees apply. Although entries will be accepted on the day, this creates a considerable amount of post race work. So please enter by Monday 25 July if possible so your chest number can be mailed to you.

Enter online at

Many more helpers are needed. If you can help please, click on the Volunteer button on the event website and fill in your details. Alternatively contact John Harding directly at or ph 6248 6905 or 0427 107 033

The course for the marathon has changed - it no longer crosses Horse Park Drive, but  does the 25k plus a 7.2k out and back in Majura Pines and a 10k out & back on walking trail from Federal Highway underpass to Nullabor Rd, Harrison & return. No changes to 2k, 5k, 10k, 16k & 25k courses. This map shows the km points for the marathon. Click to enlarge.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

living the good life in Canberra

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Come and join us in Canberra! This brochure should attract more people to the National Capital ...

While it made 10 or 11 degrees elsewhere in the ACT yesterday, Holt stayed cold with only an 8 degree maximum, with 35k winds, and light rain (snow-like) flurries coming across from the mountains. Feels like winter! But I had a good run in the BBQ Stakes, nevertheless. Quite a few speedygeese there: I ran for the first time since January and wanted to know if I had improved much since then; the answer is yes, 26:28 is pleasing. Others to run yesterday were Gary 28.37, Helen 28.35 doing long surges, Roger 31.50. In previous runs, the best recent times for Gary & Roger are 27:00 each, Helen ran 26.52 two weeks ago and 26.17 back in April, just 2 seconds outside her long standing pb. Kerrie, Rob & Andy also were there yesterday and ran quite well but I didn't get their times.

Over in Death Valley, where it is hot hot hot, Pam Muston ran the 217km ultra in 39th place outright, 37:49:12.

And speedygeese in the World Masters Athletics, Sacramento California - 800m events: M60 Geoff Sims heat: 2:29.78, semi: 2:23.99, final: 2:24.91 for 10th place. Kathy Sims W60 heat: 2:58.97, final 2:55.92 for 8th place. More racing is to come.

Kerrie running at Stromlo

Kerrie is the organiser of the weekly BBQ Stakes 6k handicap, which attracts about 50 or more runners each week.

Andy at Mt Ainslie

Andy has only run a couple of the BBQ Stakes races and, like me, is starting back after a long break there. The hilly 6k race is good training and much harder than Friday's Customs 5k. e.g. at 3k in the Customs race you are flying back home on the flat, but in the BBQ Stakes you are only half way and have some steep little uphills still to negotiate. Very different.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Canada Day Fun Run this Sunday

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Cancer Council ACT Canada Day Fun Run Sunday 17 July

From the organisers:
"Thanks to a couple of very enthusiastic, previous supporters of the Canada Fun Run and Cancer Council ACT, we are pleased to announce that in place of the Canada Fun Run this year we will be holding the Cancer Council ACT Canada Day Fun Run. Details are as follows:
Date: Sunday 17th July 2011
Time: 10.00am – Registrations on the day from 8.30am
Location: Stromlo Running Track – Stromlo Forest Park, Uriarra Road
Distance: 10km – starting at 10am 5km run/walk – starting at 10.30am

"As in previous years, the Lions Club of Belconnen will be providing all participants with a delicious, free pancake breakfast after the event and there will be plenty of fresh fruit, tea and coffee on hand.

"To register please go to . Online registration will close at 12 noon on Friday 15 July 2011."

Pam Muston - Badwater.
Pam has passed the 90 mile mark in 22:53. Only 45 miles to go.

Stick it to 'em.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

no sweat

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Training last night at Parliament House: Nadine, Craig & I ran early, then we were joined by Andy, Cathy, Colin, Garry, Joel, Mick C, Neil, Rae, Ruth, Warrick & Yelena. The session was 12 x ~260m, with a recovery jog of ~65m, in teams of two. We used the lower flagpole area for this and the efforts were a diagonal downhill plus a straight uphill. When the first team finished we all stopped and ran a short cool-down. A good turn-out considering that some are away escaping Canberra's winter, and considering that it was pretty cold. But the wind had dropped to ~15-20 kph and we were reasonably well sheltered from it.

Cathy at Stromlo

Mick C at Stromlo

Monday, 11 July 2011

hands down

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Coming Events week 28 of year 2011:

Mon 11 July4:30pmParliament House 8k jog
5:30pmParliament House speedygeese training
Wed 13 July 12:15pmBBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Thu 14 July 4:00pmDickson Oval long run
5:30pmDickson Oval speedygeese training
Fri 15 July 12:15pmCustoms Joggers 5k handicap
Sat 16 July 8:00amMetro Runners Acton Ferry Terminal
1:00pmYCRC Lotus Bay

I plan to run all of the above this week. On Monday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings, I always run the above, taking it easy usually. At Wednesday's BBQ race I will do my best and see how my 6k time there compares with the times I ran last year. Friday I will see if I can do better than last week's 20:44 over 5k. Saturday's Lotus Bay run is a bit "technical", more of a kid's course than an adult's. Go and run it for a bit of fun. Last time I ran it I finished last; with a bit of effort I can run slower again this year, but whether I can manage to finish last again depends on who turns up. And not listed as I don't often arrange to meet people and want some flexibilty are Tuesday and Sunday runs at Stromlo this week, probably running over to Blewitts to practise this month's handicap course ready for a supreme effort on the 31st. All in all a busy week of 100k+. Continuing wind an rain could alter these plans.

"You don't have a rest day?" I hear you say.

No, I have a rest day (unscheduled) every now and then when needed. So the plan isn't set in concrete. Long training runs and low-key no-pressure races beat long hard serious races, hands down. I recover from the former well enough to train on, interrupted by a day off every week or so. But long hard races, like the 10k road race I plan to run on the 23rd July, and the Vets Half Marathon coming up too quickly now on the 21st August, take a lot more out of me and usually require a few days' recovery; easy running, massage, and more rest than usual. It's a matter of knowing my body and playing it by ear, keeping up the discipline of consistent training but knowing when a break is needed.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

running in a lazy wind

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Today I needed just 14.7k to make 100, so that is all I did. Like with the blizzard conditions last Tuesday, I ran in a full tracksuit again. Not a good day for a 3000m time trial so I didn't attempt it. Yesterday's sun failed to appear, there was only a lazy wind - too lazy to go round you, went right through you. Home is a fire - a lovely solid fuel fire.

Some recent Canberra photos

Carillon reflection

Dawn from Ridges hotel

Metro Runners Saturday mornings

Mary on her final run with us was holding a rainbow in the palm of her hand but it didn't quite come out in the photo. Mary has now returned home to Singapore and this composite is her souvenir.

Happy Birthday Troy Steinman 39 today.

Yesterday's YCRC Cooleman Ridge 8k
22. Katie Forestier W45 35:59
28. Ken White M55 39:23
30. Kelley Flood W50 40:28
36 finishers

Saturday, 9 July 2011

tag team

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A lovely sunny day in Canberra. Just perfect for a long run. It was tag team time at Acton this morning, my first run was with Zainab, then with Ann (Metro runner), finally with Craig. I met each one at Acton Ferry Terminal but none of the tag team saw the others. I don't think I shall run the 3000m track I was planning for tomorrow: am a bit flat, did OK in the Customs 5k yesterday, have other things I can do, and I think strong winds are forecast again. Will therefore run at Stromlo at 8am and venture west again, exploring the trails between Cotter Road and Uriarra road. Much more enjoyable, and the westerly gales if any can carry me home.

Speedygeese in yesterday's Customs 5k race:
Andrew Simpson 18:48
Geoff Moore 20:44
Caroline Campbell 30:20
I am slowly getting faster. So is Andrew.

Happy Birthday Peter McDonald, 58 today.

Jill Pearson and Peter McDonald with medals at Mt Ainslie.

“The safe is empty except for an unsolved 5x5 Rubik’s Cube”

While you are thinking about that, and maybe the brainer readers will, here's another quote to go on with. “People without brains do an awful lot of talking”. Wizard of Oz, Scarecrow.

Friday, 8 July 2011

the thrill of the chase

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, July 08, 2011 with 2 comments
Thanks Brett for the (May) half marathon photos:

It felt like Kymmy & Michelle were close behind me chasing all the way but I didn't realise at the time how close they really were! Except of course when one or the other appeared on my shoulder. See my look of determination, yes I was pushing really hard to stay ahead.

Dickson Training last night: present in unexpectedly mild conditions, relatively speaking, doing 30 minutes of one minute quick/one minute slow were Colin, Craig (ran early too), Garry, Me, (ran early then jogged), Joel, Maria, Nadine (ran early then ran steady), Thea, & Michelle. Lovely still night for training after a couple of very windy and cold days. It is amazing how many times the weather looks atrocious then when we get out to the open, exposed, wind-swept Dickson oval we get great conditions for running.

Last night's Clarke&Dawe. From

I am still trying to break 20 minutes for 5k, can I do it today at Customs, goodness me it should be easy, but haven’t managed it for a long while now. And there’s a challenge for the rest of you: a caramel koala to the next speedygoose to crack the 20 minute barrier who also hasn’t done it for "a while" (or ever).

Meanwhile, what I am watching: 12 Monkeys (again) with Brad Pitt/Bruce Willis. And LOR2, The Two Towers (again). All on the bigger TV screen, cool.