Tuesday, 23 November 2010

speedygeese at Parliament House

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It felt warm but it was only about 24 degrees, it's just that we are not yet accustomed to warmer weather. We shall be soon! We ran a loop of about 800m with three surges and three slower bits. Making about 400m of faster running, mostly up, and 400m of slower running, mostly down. This was repeated 5 times on 6 minutes. The best thing about the loop was it was in the shade, and out of the warm northerly wind.

Training were Abi, Andy, Brett, Bronwyn, Caroline, Christopher, Ewen, me, Helen, Jen, Jodie, Kym, Leanne, Maria, Neil, Ruth, Sarah (new), Tony, Warrick, Yili & Zainab (new). Also sighted running by were Joel & Yelena.

Tonight's Spring Series should be good: a tough little course on Black Mountain Peninsula, and a bit warm still.

The ACTVAC is asking all participants in the run/walk handicaps to put their names down for the 2011 roster asap.   Please email your choice to  fenotti@homemail.com.au. The 2011 handicap dates and venues are:
30 January at Campbell Park
27 February at North Curtin
27 March at Stromlo Forest Park
17 April at Majura
29 May at West Stromlo
26 June at Mt Ainslie
31 July at Blewitts Pines
28 August at Mt Taylor
25 September at O'Connor Ridge
30 October at Arboretum
27 November at Weston Park.


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