Friday, 5 November 2010

notch #1

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, November 05, 2010 with 2 comments
Along with the rest of the world, my waist line is expanding.
My best trousers have a brown belt with five notches. Walking around Q Station Manly this week at a retreat, I could do it up to the first notch - only just. The food there was wonderful, dare I say it, even better than home cooking, and that's a first! I believe "the best chefs in Sydney" were feeding us and it was irresistible. And inexhaustable.
Despite little exercise the belt felt no tighter at the end of the four days, and this morning on the scales at home it was confirmed that I hadn't, in fact, added to my already rather high weight during the days at Q Station.
It seems to be that  relaxing and feeding well can be good for me on occasion! And possibly the tight belt stopped me from overeating.
So here's the brown belt challenge: How long will it take me to move to notch #2, or even further to notch #3, 4, or 5?
I will let you know. But I do know from experience that the first thing that long distance running affects is the waistline. I just need to get the kms up. For this purpose, speed doesn't matter, only distance.

Clarke&Dawe “They’re all around at his place”


Some race results where the speedygeese participated:

Spring Series race #1 Boathouse East 5k Tuesday 2 November
15. Nadine Morrison W40 20:55
16. Kym Chisholm 21:02
17. Brett Morrison M40 21:16
19. William Chin 21:31
24. Bob Harlow M60 22:02
28. Kathy Sims W55 23:09
29. Janene Kingston W45 23:15
31. Maria O'Reilly W55 23:33
36. Colleen Koh 23:55
47. Ewen Thompson M50 25:57
48. Ruth Baussmann W60 26:32
51. Mick Charlton  M55 27:27
60 finishers

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 3 November
Gary Bowen 26:20
Helen Larmour 27:10
Roger Pilkington 29:10
Kerrie Tanner 30:16

Returning from injury, I plan to run today at Customs... but this will necessarily be slow.

Candid Canberra #12

A hawk at the Pinnacle


  1. I particularly like Clarke and Dawe this week :) :)

  2. I bet you reach 64kg before I reach 20 minutes for 5k!