Sunday, 14 November 2010

not the most common of sights

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Training today
Humid conditions at Stromlo Forest Park but great for training. Mick H ran 3 x 1km intervals averaging ~3:58, and Michelle about the same, averaging ~3:56. Spotted many friends there including Trevor C, Kathy S and daughter Ann, and Elaine & Glenn. I came along not to run the kms this time, but to supervise and to top up my weekly distance to 70k. Maybe next week.

Past results
AACT Track
3000m Yelena Pearson 15:13.63
800m Daimian Rutledge 2:14.39
800m Joel Pearson 2:14.67

AACT Track 13/11/10
1500m Brett Lynch 5:58.6
3000m Brett Lynch 12:53.08

ACTCCC Spring Series #2 Weston Park 9/11/10
26. Brett Morrison M40 22:42
30. Nadine Morrison W40 22:55
32. Bob Harlow M60 23:16
35. Graeme Patrick M55 24:58
36. Yili Zhu M45 25:00
38. Maria O'Reilly W55 25:04
43. Mick Horan M50 25:39
45. Geoff Moore M60 25:58
46. Jennifer Bright W35 26:07
50. Ewen Thompson M50 26:43
52. Kathy Sims W55 26:58
59. Mick Charlton M55 28:41
60. Cathy Montalto W55 28:48
65. Ruth Baussmann W60 29:14
75. Emma Adams W40 33:30
80 finishers, track heavy

Check tomorrow's post for what's on this week. Plenty of choice for everyone!

Candid Canberra #17 horses at Emu Bank, Belconnen.

Photo by Owen.

And, a new world record for the M55 3000m was set by Keith Bateman on Saturday evening in Sydney. 8:56.8.


  1. 8:56.8! That's so good. Wish I could run 100 metres at that pace.

  2. I am pretty much in awe of this guy. As well as jealous, because nothing was happening with me, I mean NOTHING, when I turned 55. (7 1/2 years ago)