Friday, 26 November 2010


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Dear ACTCCC Members

Many of you may be aware from announcements made at the ACTCCC AGM and at recent ACTCCC events that a new running club called the Canberra Running Club Inc has been established. In 2011 the CRC will take over the running program that would have normally been provided by the ACTCCC.

A group of well known Canberra runners took it upon themselves sometime ago to establish this new incorporated body. Now that the ACTCCC is definitely being wound up this new organization is very active in establishing the infrastructure needed to take over the some 90 events that the ACTCCC has been conducting annually for many years. The ACTCCC committee believes that this new club will be expertly managed and will have the capacity and expertise to deliver the types of activities that the ACTCCC has delivered to Canberra runners.

It was announced at the conclusion of the ACTCCC spring series run on Tuesday that the new club is now in a position to take memberships for 2011 and is encouraging runners to become a foundation member of this new club.

The ACTCCC committee would like to pass on contact details (i.e. name and address) but not personal details to the new club so that they may contact you directly with further information, including details about membership. If you do not wish your contact details to be passed on then please advise us by 3 December 2010 ( We would like to encourage all our members to support this new club as it is important to demonstrate the resilience of the Canberra running community and its important for the new club to have your support as soon as possible so that it has the resources to deliver events from early 2011.

ACTCCC Committee
26 November 2010


  1. The CRC rises from the Ashes.

  2. This is great news1 I'll be hoping the new CRC will hold the marathon and half marathon organized by the ACTCCC in May of this year.

    I only wich I lived closer so as to be able to support more of the new events that will be upcoming in 2011.

    Long live the CRC!

  3. The CRC is in sound hands and I am sure there will be exciting announcements in due course. Meanwhile please disregard anything and everything coming out of CSM.

  4. speedygeoff, is this info for general release? No one has put anything on CR about it. I will if it's OK.

  5. I wouldn't copy it to a CR post. As you can see it's a letter meant for ACTCCC members and which was sent to all of them; all members would have received it; I don't think it's suitable in this form for a CR post; such a post would attract a whole heap of questions and speculation and opinions about marathons, AGAIN; and word will get out soon enough anyway.

  6. Thanks speedygeoff. That was pretty much my thinking also which is why I asked; and better to be safe than sorry!