Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Kym wins Space Race

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Parliament House training this Monday 8th: Andy, Attlee, Bronwyn, Damian, Ewen, me, Helen, Jodie, Kym, Leanne, Maria, Neil, Ruth.
On a very stormy night I was lucky to experience dry conditions for the drive there, for the 8k early run, and for the drive home later. The lightning and rain kept us in the underground carpark for the warmup and cooldown; and in between the rain eased off long enough to allow us to train outside. Damian fresh from his 2:14 800m run on Saturday did a modified version of what the rest did: he did a surging session while the rest went as fast as possible running 4 or 5 by ~800m with a short break. We got a bit damp that was all.

Last Monday 1st: Abi, Andrew, Attlee, Bronwyn, Christopher, Craig, Damian, Helen, Jennifer (early only), Joel, Kym, Maria, Neil, Ruth, Yelena.
I was away which is why the report is late. Joel and Damian ran hills while the rest ran 3 x 950m circuit with a circuit’s jog in between.

Customs result Friday 5th: Bob 21:45, Bronwyn 23:20, me 29:02, Geoff B 38:00

Deep Space Mountain Marathon Sunday 7th
(from John Harding) ... in the 19 km run to the Orroral Valley bridge and back ... in a great mountain running performance Kym Chisholm clocked 1.42.00 and smashed the women’s course record by 6 minutes.

Misty rain and cool weather in Deep Space

Kym on her way to a 6 minute course record

... and still had time to take a drink

Deep Space Mountain Marathon: speedygeese in the 19k:
10 Roger Pilkington 51 1.58.12
13 Warrick Howieson 40 1.59.58
1 Kym Chisholm 29 1.42.00
6 Colleen Koh 32 2.06.10

Happy Birthday to my grandson Jackson Moore, seven years old today! Croissants for breakfast, I am told, and 24 cupcakes to take to school and share with his class.

Happy 40th Anniversary to The Goodies! Here is the cover from their new DVD.

You can see the Goodies on ABC2, Monday nights, 8:05pm

Spring Series #2 is on tonight: I am going to run, sub 29 would be a small improvement... see you there.

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  1. That's a great run from Kym. She was miles ahead of Roger and Warrick. Would have broken 1:40 if she didn't have to stop for a drink and hitch her pants up ;)