Sunday, 7 November 2010

chronologically gifted

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Regarding yesterday’s post:
It certainly was a happy birthday. From Michelle Wells’ Facebook page: “Set a new running record at this morning's Jogalong. For the first time in 12 years I scored the bronze medal. Also, it's the first time that a back marker has managed to get a medal (ran off last in group 46 -and managed a PB). I bet it's also the first time that anyone led the group warm-up and then ran with both her children in the mini jog before competing. Final year of the 30s is off to a flying start!

And Brooke Fraser is at the ARIAS on the steps of the Opera House tonight. And I heard her on 666 yesterday afternoon singing her "Something In The Water" song. Thanks Melanie!

Meanwhile, back to today’s event: at Stromlo Forest Park this morning, Troy and Leanne did km intervals on the 1k inner loop. Troy ran consistently around 3:45-3:49, and Leanne who also ran consistently was rapt to break 5 minutes for each interval, running between 4:55- 4:59. Young Josh aged four enjoyed the outing too and looks like a runner of the future. I ran around 12k without bettering 6 minute ks, but I did achieve one goal, about 5k+ was barefoot. And a beautiful day for it it was.

Great news on the track front, at AACT track yesterday Yelena ran around 15:15 for the 3k, which pleased her in the conditions, while Joel and Damian raced in the 800m, Damian chasing Joel for the first 796m then finishing with 2:14.39 to Joel’s 2:14.16. Very good times this early in the season. The plan is for them to go in plenty of 800m races, working into form over the next few months. And specific speed training is only just beginning.

It looks like being a bumper season.

Not Old.

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  1. If Yelena were chronologically gifted she'd provide some good competition in the 3000 for Ruth.