Tuesday, 30 November 2010

it's raining trophies

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Brett's gold medal

speedygeese featuring in ACTVAC's annual run/walk handicap awards:
2. Katie Forestier 82.24%

Emma, Ken, Katie

Alan Duus

Inside information? Alan might explain how one wins the Mullins....

Geoff Barker

Seems happy...

Candid Canberra #22: Cotter Dam progress

Build that dam before the rain stops falling!

Training report: In last night's rain Helen, Ewen & I ran 8.5k, then we were joined by Bronwyn, Craig, Jen, Jodie, Joel, Ruth, Tony & Yelena who voted to stay in the underground car park. They ran a warmup, about 12 short sprints, and a short cooldown. The highlight as is often the case was the sharing of jellybeans afterwards.

It's still raining.

Monday, 29 November 2010

qué será, será

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What's on this week
Monday 29 November
: Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training
Tuesday 30 November: ACTCCC Spring Series #5: Stromlo Forest Park 5k
Wednesday 1 December: BBQ Stakes 6k handicap, 12:15pm
Thursday 2 December: Vets @ AIS Athletics track
6:00pm 1500m steeple
6:20pm 5000m walk
7:00pm 60m
7:15pm 800m Higgins
7:30pm 200m Daniels
8:00pm short hurdles
8:15pm 3000m/5000m
Friday 3 December: Customs 5k handicap and Christmas BBQ, 12:15pm
Saturday 4 December: Metro Runners, 8:00am at Acton Ferry Terminal
Sunday 5 December: speedygeese interval training, 8:00am at Stromlo Forest Park
Sunday 5 December: ACTCCC Women's 6k jogalong, Westom Park, 9:00am

Monday training at Parliament House is always on, however bad the weather is. Let's hope it is not TOO wet outside or we will be forced to train in the car-park. See you there! I am not so sure about Tuesday's Spring Series run though, as I suspect the grass cross country track will be closed if this rain continues. So far our rain gauge indicates that over 60mm has fallen in our Holt back yard since Saturday night. More is forecast. Qué será, será.

I still haven't got over the novelty of all the rain we have had this Spring!

Candid Canberra #21: Trusses being erected on the new Tharwa bridge

Sunday, 28 November 2010

rain and mud at Weston Park

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This month's Vets Handicap results:
 28/11/10 at Weston Park 7.0k
2 Brett Morrison M40 31:16 68.1% GOLD
5 Mick Horan M50 33:23 68.5
6 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee W35 33:24 68.9
7 Alan Duus M60 38:26 65.7
11 Kathy Southgate W50 29:13 92.4
17 Nadine Morrison W40 33:10 70.8
18 Helen Larmour W50 31:56 82.4
31 Geoff Moore M60 33:40 74.5
39 Rod Lynch M50 28:39 79.0
40 Warrick Howieson M40 35:00 59.6
46 Michelle Wells W35 31:37 73.4
49 Neil Boden M60 38:48 64.1
50 Craig Davis M40 35:47 59.5
57 Ruth Baussmann W60 39:44 72.7
58 Roger Pilkington M50 35:38 64.2
61 Emma Adams W40 34:02 69.0
66 Ewen Thompson M50 44:21 52.5
68 Andrew Matthews M50 33:50 67.6
71 Janene Kingston W45 37:38 64.7
83 Tony Booth M70 45:10 62.8
85 Geoff Barker M65 61:43 42.0
87 finishers

Weston Park 3.5k
8 Troy Steinman M35 15:19 64.1%
9 Ken White M55 15:28 74.1
10 Cathy Montalto W55 18:38 74.1
11 Katie Forestier W40 15:00 76.6
18 Leanne Steinman W35 21:26 52.0
19 Graeme Patrick M55 17:28 66.4
20 Noeline Burden W55 20:52 65.1
37 finishers

Saturday, 27 November 2010

speedygeese race results

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ACTVAC track Thursday night
M50 Rod Lynch 10:55.92 76.7%
W50 Kathy Southgate 11:21.79 90.9
W40 Nadine Morrison 12:09.93 72.5
W50 Helen Larmour 12:18.82 80.6
M50 Andrew Matthews 12:32.55 67.4
M40 Brett Morrison 12:42.08 62.0
M50 Roger Pilkington 12:49.02 65.9
M40 Craig Davis 13:16.14 59.4
M50 Mick Horan 13:19.84 63.4
W40 Bronwyn Calver 13:29.05 65.4
W55 Cathy Montalto 15:13.87 71.7
W60 Ruth Baussmann 15:19.41 73.3

W40 Emma Adams 15.04 73.9%

M50 Rod Lynch 4:59.10 80.6%
M55 Ken White 5:09.44 82.7
M40 Brett Morrison 5:24.66 68.9
W40 Katie Forestier 5:26.80 78.7
M50 Roger Pilkington 5:40.88 71.3
W40 Amanda Walker 5:41.93 73.4
W50 Helen Larmour 5:51.81 79.6
M50 Andrew Matthews 6:03.00 67.0
W55 Kathy Sims 6:11.00 84.2
M40 Craig Davis 6:12.22 60.1
W40 Bronwyn Calver 6:12.56 66.6
M55 Graeme Patrick 6:20.00 67.9
M70 Tony Booth 6:45.00 72.5

W40 Emma Adams 67.33 78.8%
M50 Rod Lynch 68.04 72.8
M55 Ken White 72.73 71.3
W40 Amanda Walker 73.82 72.6
W40 Katie Forestier 74.23 73.7

Spiral 7 Lap
2 Helen Larmour W50 12:18
3 Graeme Patrick M55 12:50
5 Kathy Sims W55 13:07
6 Brett Morrison M40 12:08
7 Nadine Morrison W40 11:50
8 Roger Pilkington M50 11:53
9 Ruth Baussmann W60 14:49
12 Andrew Matthews M50 12:35
15 Cathy Montalto W55 14:45
24 Rod Lynch M50 11:46
25 Bronwyn Calver W40 13:28
26 Katie Forestier W40 12:16
28 Emma Adams W40 12:37
30 Tony Booth M70 15:47
31 Amanda Walker W40 14:53
33 Ken White M55 13:45
34 finishers

Spiral progress Point Score
1. Roger Pilkington 180
5. Brett Morrison 153
1. Nadine Morrison 178
2. Helen Larmour 176
3. Bronwyn Calver 162
4. Ruth Baussmann 146

BBQ Stakes 24/11
Bob Harlow 27:49
Kerrie Tanner 30:59
Helen Larmour 31:29
Roger Pilkington 31:39
Caroline Campbell 39:05

Friday, 26 November 2010


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Dear ACTCCC Members

Many of you may be aware from announcements made at the ACTCCC AGM and at recent ACTCCC events that a new running club called the Canberra Running Club Inc has been established. In 2011 the CRC will take over the running program that would have normally been provided by the ACTCCC.

A group of well known Canberra runners took it upon themselves sometime ago to establish this new incorporated body. Now that the ACTCCC is definitely being wound up this new organization is very active in establishing the infrastructure needed to take over the some 90 events that the ACTCCC has been conducting annually for many years. The ACTCCC committee believes that this new club will be expertly managed and will have the capacity and expertise to deliver the types of activities that the ACTCCC has delivered to Canberra runners.

It was announced at the conclusion of the ACTCCC spring series run on Tuesday that the new club is now in a position to take memberships for 2011 and is encouraging runners to become a foundation member of this new club.

The ACTCCC committee would like to pass on contact details (i.e. name and address) but not personal details to the new club so that they may contact you directly with further information, including details about membership. If you do not wish your contact details to be passed on then please advise us by 3 December 2010 (secretary@canberrarunner.com.au). We would like to encourage all our members to support this new club as it is important to demonstrate the resilience of the Canberra running community and its important for the new club to have your support as soon as possible so that it has the resources to deliver events from early 2011.

ACTCCC Committee
26 November 2010

We're bringing legal action against the pigeons

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

last cross country run

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ACTCCC Spring Series race #4 Black Mountain Peninsula 5k cross country.
17. Kym Chisholm W 21:36
18. Brett Morrison M40 21:50
21. Nadine Morrison W40 22:07
31. Geoff Moore M60 23:59
42. Janene Kingston W45 25:22
44. Ewen Thompson M50 25:33
46. Bob Harlow M60 25:44
49. Mick Horan M50 25:57
58. Mick Charlton M55 28:37
61. Ruth Baussmann W60 28:53
63. Caroline Campbell W65 30:40
68 finishers

I was pleased to run laps of ~8:05, 8:05, 7:50 on a tough little three lap course. Marty lapped me and finished fifty seonds before I crossed the line with a lap to go! But at least no-one else lapped me.

Great performances by Kym and Brett, especially after they had hammered out a hard training session up and down little hills and steps the evening before, and were feeling it in the quads.

DON'T PANIC! Spring Series race #5 is on next week. Tuesday, 6:15pm, Stromlo Forest Park (my favourite venue)

Candid Canberra #20: State Emergency Services training

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


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Farewell to the ACT Cross Country Club. Last night's SGM unanimously decided that "ACT Cross Country Club wind up voluntarily". As I posted on Facebook after the meeting: "I have been with you from day one and today you were forced to disband. You have been the friendliest bunch of people to be found in the ACT, an inspiration for many to run along the path of health and fitness. Those who have tried to destroy us may think they have won, but they will never be able to stop us enjoying running together."

Farewell also to Otmar Dorfer, 3/10/32-17/11/10, long time member of the ACT Veterans Athletic Club, also of Orienteering and most notably skiing.

New Half Marathon
Events for 2011 are in place or in the case of an ACT marathon still being negotiated. Additionally there is a new half marathon in January! The date is Saturday 22 January 2011.

Check out the website here. As well as the half marathon, from Friday 21 thru Sunday 23 January, there are 2k, 5k, and 10k runs, plus swimming, triathlon, and aquathlon races, plus other Summer Festival events. Entries are now open.

How about the Speedygeese in the Dec/Jan issue of the R4YL magazine!

Speedygeese at Customs on 19/11: Bob 21.08, Yili 22.26, Bronwyn 23.19.

A speedygeese birthday: happy birthday to Richard Frost, 57 today.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

speedygeese at Parliament House

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It felt warm but it was only about 24 degrees, it's just that we are not yet accustomed to warmer weather. We shall be soon! We ran a loop of about 800m with three surges and three slower bits. Making about 400m of faster running, mostly up, and 400m of slower running, mostly down. This was repeated 5 times on 6 minutes. The best thing about the loop was it was in the shade, and out of the warm northerly wind.

Training were Abi, Andy, Brett, Bronwyn, Caroline, Christopher, Ewen, me, Helen, Jen, Jodie, Kym, Leanne, Maria, Neil, Ruth, Sarah (new), Tony, Warrick, Yili & Zainab (new). Also sighted running by were Joel & Yelena.

Tonight's Spring Series should be good: a tough little course on Black Mountain Peninsula, and a bit warm still.

The ACTVAC is asking all participants in the run/walk handicaps to put their names down for the 2011 roster asap.   Please email your choice to  fenotti@homemail.com.au. The 2011 handicap dates and venues are:
30 January at Campbell Park
27 February at North Curtin
27 March at Stromlo Forest Park
17 April at Majura
29 May at West Stromlo
26 June at Mt Ainslie
31 July at Blewitts Pines
28 August at Mt Taylor
25 September at O'Connor Ridge
30 October at Arboretum
27 November at Weston Park.

Monday, 22 November 2010


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If you were born on 22 11 88 you are now 22...
Happy Birthday Toby Pearson 22 today!

If you were born on 22 11 66 you are now 44...
Happy Birthday Damian Rutledge 44 today!

What's on this week
Monday 22 November:
Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training.
Tuesday 23 November: ACTCCC Spring Series #4: Black Mountain Peninsula, 6:15pm. Followed at 7:00pm by an update on club liquidation plans.
Wednesday 24 November: BBQ Stakes 6k handicap, 12:15pm.
Thursday 25 November: Vets @ AIS Athletics track
6:00pm 3000m
6:20pm 2000m walk
6:50pm 100m
7:00pm 1500m
7:30pm 400m
8:00pm 4 x 100m relay
8:15pm spiral 7 lap handicap
Friday 26 November: Customs 5k handicap, 12:15pm.
Saturday 27 November: Metro Runners, 8:00am at Acton Ferry Terminal.
Saturday 27 November: AACT track program 1.
Sunday 28 November: Vets Monthly handicap, 8:30am at Weston Park. Followed by annual presentations.

Note: The ACTCCC will be holding a meeting to discuss the liquidation process shortly after the completion of Tuesday's Summer Series Race at Black Mt Peninsula. It is expected that this will occur shortly before 7pm.

Note: This Sunday's Vets handicap has a start time of 8:30am.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Candid Canberra #19

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The new Belconnen bus interchange

Sunday Training: Just two of us today, strange because Stromlo is a brilliant venue. Anyway, Ewen averaged a bit over 5 minutes per km for our interval session around the 1km loop, and I averaged just under (4.53). Needless to say neither of us did more than trot.

That's my first 80km week done since early May. I will try for 80k+ again this week.

Saturday, 20 November 2010


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Vets TRACK AND FIELD 18th November 2010
W40 Emma Adams 9.34 77.7%

M50 Rod Lynch 31.95 70.2
W40 Emma Adams 30.62 74.8%

Approximate splits in the 4x800m Relay
M55 Ken White 2.31
W40 Emma Adams ? probably around 2.40 (guess)
W40 Katie Forestier ? probably 2.40 – ish (guess)
M40 Brett Morrison 2.45
W40 Amanda Walker 2.46
M50 Roger Pilkington 2.55
W55 Kathy Sims 3.10
W55 Maria O'Reilly 3.28
W60 Ruth Baussmann 3.41

M50 Rod Lynch 10:56.27 76.6%
W35 Michelle Wells 11:37.81 74.6
W50 Helen Larmour 11:52.94 83.5
W40 Katie Forestier 11:53.23 76.6
M55 Ken White 11:58.09 74.2
M40 Brett Morrison 11:59.70 65.7
W40 Amanda Walker 12:40.46 70.3
W55 Maria O'Reilly 12:59.62 80.6
W60 Ruth Baussmann 15:10.70 74.0

M50 Roger Pilkington 20:44.95 70.1%
W40 Nadine Morrison 20:46.85 72.7
M60 Geoff Moore 22:23.14 71.3
M50 Ewen Thompson 23:54.55 61.8

BBQ Stakes 10 November:

Gary Bowen 27:30

Bob Harlow 28.06

Roger Pilkington 32.09

Kerrie Tanner 34.49

Caroline Campbell 39.07

I couldn’t resist sharing the following, from “the Athena Diaries”: http://athenadiaries.blogspot.com/. The author has lost 46lb (so far) through running, runs marathons and ultras and triathlons, and works as a diagnostician.  
Non-runners.  Last Friday, Sweet Baboo and I were emailing back and forth our weekend running plans.  My last email to him said, "I'm supposed to run 10 miles on Saturday and 8 on Sunday, but I'm going to run a couple extra on Saturday since we have that 11K on Sunday.
"I'm not sure why you're running so few miles," he replied.

Now, when I received this there was a young, new therapist in my office, and she heard me chuckle, and looked over my shoulder and read that line.  "What does he mean 'so few miles'?"

"Well, it means that I'm running only 18 this weekend, he's wondering why it isn't something more like 25 or 30," I said.

"That sounds like a lot of miles to me," she said.  And then (you'll love this) she tried to stage some sort of an intervention.  Which was ADORABLE. 

·         What was behind my "need" to run so much? 
·         Did I feel uncomfortable when I didn't run my scheduled amount? 
·         What did I imagine would happen if I didn't finish my full schedule? 
·         Did I feel less worthy if I ran less, or ran slower than I'd planned? 
·         What kinds of thoughts did I have before and after running?  Etc.

See what I mean? Adorable.

"Don't try to therapise me," I said.  "Save it for the kids. I'm comfortable with my obsession."

"Well, as long as you're comfortable," she said, in her very concerned, patient, I'm-wiser-than-you-at-age-twenty-six-even-with-far-less-education voice.

Friday, 19 November 2010

a very quick post today because my PC keeps crashing!

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At Vets track last night: Brett improved his PB for the 3000m from 12:00.01 to 11:59.70. And – Helen not only broke 12:00 for the first time but smashed it by 6 or 7 seconds. More than a second a lap faster than ever before. And of course I achieved my target of getting under 22:30, for the 5k, in doing so improved the equivalent of 3 seconds a lap from last week.

Some 4x800m highlights, thanks to BG for the video…

Another highlight of the relay was the Australian record set by the M75s. They smashed it.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

I might take the dog for a run

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Brilliant! One of the best, "absolutely nuts".

"A bit usual"

bad science

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Tuesday 16 November results:
ACTCCC Spring Series race 3, Barrenjoey Drive 5k
19. Brett Morrison M40 21:29
20. Kym Chisholm W 21:29
28. Nadine Morrison W40 22:01
30. Bob Harlow M60 22:32
34. Yili Zhu M45 23:01
36. Mick Horan M50 23:18
41. Janene Kingston W45 23:56
51. Ewen Thompson M50 25:16
60. Jennifer Bright W35 25:51
65. Cathy Montalto W55 27:09
70. Caroline Campbell W65 28:15
73. Geoff Barker M65 28:30
74. Ruth Baussmann W60 28:32
79 finishers

A book I’d like for Christmas: “Bad Science”, by Ben Goldacre. From the Amazon preview:
"Have you ever wondered how one day the media can assert that alcohol is bad for us and the next unashamedly run a story touting the benefits of daily alcohol consumption? Or how a drug that is pulled off the market for causing heart attacks ever got approved in the first place? How can average readers, who aren’t medical doctors or Ph.D.s in biochemistry, tell what they should be paying attention to and what’s, well, just more bullshit?.......". More here.... Buy it for me and, don’t worry, if I get several copies I can use the extra ones as gifts.

Candid Canberra #19

Sunset from Mt Ainslie, Tuesday 16 November.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

get off the road

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I wrote this a while ago for this month's "Vetrunner" magazine.

Q: Why did the runner cross the road?
A: To get to the other side.

I was running along Coppins Crossing road the other day, wondering why the road seemed narrower than I remembered, as well as steeper. It is a well known fact that gravity has doubled in the last thirty years, which makes running up hill twice as difficult as it used to be. But I didn’t realise that roads could shrink as they got older. Someone said it was because cars were getting faster, drivers were less careful, and that it had nothing whatever to do with senior citizens having poorer hearing and slower reaction times, but I didn’t believe him. I just wasn’t used to the road any more I reckoned, having run on tracks, trails, and the peaceful circuit around Parliament House for so many years without venturing out onto roads much, except by car, which is hazard enough these days for a humble Canberra citizen such as myself..

How safe is it to run on the roads nowadays? Once upon a time we would regularly run along Uriarra road, but it isn’t now the certainty of a crush of cyclists bearing down on me unexpectedly that deters me from ever repeating those experiences. My reluctance to persist with any serious long distance road training is best illustrated using words that start with a “P”. “P” for “P-plate”. Or rather, “P” for “Passing” “Public nuisance”, “Pinhead”, and “Panic”. Twenty-first century drivers are insane, as any regular commuting cyclist would readily attest, and any reasonable court of law would agree.

I have occasionally had run-ins with drivers who swear I am on the wrong side of the road. Sometimes they just swear, but that is another story. The more you run, the more you’ll run into people who object to your presence on the road. As I said, I was running up Coppins Crossing Road when a driver slowed enough to yell at me that I was on the wrong side of the road. It was a gravity assisted slow-down from his reckless speed because he, like me, was travelling up hill. As you know there are no footpaths on Coppins Crossing Road, and off the road it was slightly damp. Dangerously damp, actually, so I had little choice about where to step. The exchange went like this. “You are running on the wrong side of the road” suggested the driver. “No I’m not, this is the best side of the road to run on” I replied in a sensible, calm voice. “NO IT ISN’T” was the loud, hysterical reply. So to help the discussion, I crossed over, waited until the driver was out of sight, and crossed back.

The main problem with all of this is I have no idea which side of the road is safest to run on when there are no other options, or whether there is any local legislation which can assist one’s decision in this matter.

Way long ago in the distant past I had run “facing the traffic” because it is best if you can see on-coming drivers and if they can see you, I thought. However on one run there were a couple of incidents where no driver was approaching, but behind me and therefore not in my line of vision at all, a car was coming towards me, passing another car, and nearly cleaning me up in the process. The first notice I had of anything untoward happening was a “whooshing” sound next to my ear-hole, not unlike a magpie attack although by something larger, more solid, and most likely unrelated to the protection of young chicks. A single step or stagger to the left by yours truly would have seen my demise, a car with a dented and blood spattered right fender, and a driver rather badly shaken up and with a case to prove about dangerous driving or manslaughter. This happened not once, but twice, on the same run! So from that time, after thinking about it and consulting others, I decided it was far less dangerous to run “with the traffic”, especially up hill, where I could see if any maniacs were passing too fast up ahead and could safely leap off the road when that happened.

Clearly neither option is safe. There are two obvious morals to this story: the first is you should avoid the roads altogether if you can. And you can, I think. And the other is, if you cannot avoid running on the road, always wear bright reflective clothing so that you are highly visible. You know, a pedestrian gets killed on the roads every minute around the world. If you ever see this guy, tell him to GET OFF THE ROAD!

Since writing this it was suggested to me: pick the side of the road with the least camber! A flat surface is better than a curved surface for the feet and ankles.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

world's shortest ever retirement from athletics

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“Running is in my blood and I decided to continue competing. My announcement in New York was my first reaction after a disappointing race.” - Haile Gebrselassie

2009 Berlin Marathon

Speedygeese training last night
Abi, Andy, Brett, Bronwyn, Byron (new), Christopher, Craig, Damian, me, Jen, Jochen (new), Jodie, Joel, Leanne, Neil, Ruth, Tony, Warrick, Yelena & Yili. Byron is the first Metro runner to "cross over"; on his 27th birthday too so he is keen; there'll be more. Metro runners that is. Craig & I ran the early 8k and paid for it later. Damian & Joel declined the harder 800m training so we all ran loops of the 950m circuit. It was yet another damp humid evening and I dare say a fair bit of fluid was lost through sweating. Good to see Yili back with us again, and good to see Abi becoming a regular member of the group.

About 28 people so far have said they are coming to the speedygeese Christmas BBQ at Tony & Chris's in Pialligo, in 3 weeks time, Monday 6 December. Note: please bring along family and friends, everyone is welcome! Just let me know how many are coming.

Candid Canberra #18

The Lake George Zebras now happily retired to Pialligo Plant Farm. Immediately next door to Tony and Chris!!!

Monday, 15 November 2010

I prefer to travel light.

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41 years ago today Jenny and I announced our engagement! This is her aged 21, in January 1970.

...any excuse for a party!

What's on this week:
Monday 15 November: Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training.
Tuesday 16 November: ACTCCC Spring Series #3: Barrenjoey Drive 5k, 6:15pm.
Wednesday 17 November: BBQ Stakes 6k handicap, 12:15pm.
Thursday 18 November: Vets @ AIS Athletics track
6:00pm 2000m steeplechase
6:20pm 1500m walk
6:50pm 60m
7:00pm 4 x 800m relay
7:40pm 200m
8:00pm 200m/300m/400m hurdles
8:15pm 3000m/5000m
Friday 19 November: Customs 5k handicap, 12:15pm.
Saturday 20 November: Metro Runners, 8:00am at Acton Ferry Terminal.
Sunday 21 November: Stromlo Forest Park 8:00am speedygeese interval training.

Running in the rain. Our rain gauge shows 44mm since Saturday, but a little bit of rain won't stop us training tonight. After weeks totalling 15k, 10k, 8k, 13k, 27k, 27k, 70k, 40k, 30k, I managed another 70k last week and would like to increase it to 80k or so this week. Today's target is 16k.

Candid Canberra #17: my goodness!

This was spotted heading up Coulter Drive, Belconnen. Photo by Rebecca.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

not the most common of sights

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Training today
Humid conditions at Stromlo Forest Park but great for training. Mick H ran 3 x 1km intervals averaging ~3:58, and Michelle about the same, averaging ~3:56. Spotted many friends there including Trevor C, Kathy S and daughter Ann, and Elaine & Glenn. I came along not to run the kms this time, but to supervise and to top up my weekly distance to 70k. Maybe next week.

Past results
AACT Track
3000m Yelena Pearson 15:13.63
800m Daimian Rutledge 2:14.39
800m Joel Pearson 2:14.67

AACT Track 13/11/10
1500m Brett Lynch 5:58.6
3000m Brett Lynch 12:53.08

ACTCCC Spring Series #2 Weston Park 9/11/10
26. Brett Morrison M40 22:42
30. Nadine Morrison W40 22:55
32. Bob Harlow M60 23:16
35. Graeme Patrick M55 24:58
36. Yili Zhu M45 25:00
38. Maria O'Reilly W55 25:04
43. Mick Horan M50 25:39
45. Geoff Moore M60 25:58
46. Jennifer Bright W35 26:07
50. Ewen Thompson M50 26:43
52. Kathy Sims W55 26:58
59. Mick Charlton M55 28:41
60. Cathy Montalto W55 28:48
65. Ruth Baussmann W60 29:14
75. Emma Adams W40 33:30
80 finishers, track heavy

Check tomorrow's post for what's on this week. Plenty of choice for everyone!

Candid Canberra #17 horses at Emu Bank, Belconnen.

Photo by Owen.

And, a new world record for the M55 3000m was set by Keith Bateman on Saturday evening in Sydney. 8:56.8.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

recent speedygeese results

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AACT 16 October
3000m Brett Lynch 12:14.22

AACT 29 October
3000m Yelena Pearson 15:35.25
400m Joel Pearson 57.75

AACT 6 November not yet available
ACTCCC Spring Series #2 9 November not yet available

ACTVAC 11 November part two
W55 Noeline Burden 16.28 80.8%

M50 Gary Bowen 45.62 77.4%
W40 Emma Adams 48.75 74.0
W40 Amanda Walker 52.85 69.0
W55 Noeline Burden 57.91 73.8
W55 Kathy Sims 59.51 73.2

Pennington 1500m - handicapped on age group
5 Gary Bowen M50 5:00
6 Ken White M55 5:10
7 Damian Rutledge M40 4:52
9 Kathy Sims W55 6:08
10 Emma Adams W40 5:21
13 Mick Horan M50 5:31
15 Katie Forestier W40 5:31
18 Amanda Walker W40 5:52
20 Andrew Matthews M50 6:01
21 Roger Pilkington M50 6:07
24 Tony Booth M70 7:42
27 Alan Williams M60 7:36
30 Geoff Barker M65 8:27
The "official" times above for this event are never accurate. Most will have run up to a second faster as there are usually varying delays in calling "go".

W35 Michelle Wells 11:33.68 75.1%
M40 Brett Morrison 12:04.01 65.3
W40 Nadine Morrison 12:07.69 72.8
W50 Helen Larmour 12:09.52 81.6
M50 Roger Pilkington 12:18.53 68.7
M50 Andrew Matthews 13:03.51 64.7
W40 Bronwyn Calver 13:16.12 66.5
M50 Mick Horan 13:16.46 63.7
W55 Maria O'Reilly 13:27.51 77.8
M60 Geoff Moore 13:30.81 68.7
W60 Ruth Baussmann 15:23.89 72.9

Customs 5k 12 November
Geoff Moore 24:17
Caroline Campbell 29:31
That's a bit quicker than my 29 minutes + of the previous week.

Metro Runners Training 13 November
Amanda J, Byron, Jeanette, Joseph, Leanne, Zainab & I ran at 8:00am today; from Acton Ferry Terminal to Molonglo Reach and return; exactly 12k, although we did add a bit to that by jogging up under the Carillon on the return trip. The group is getting fitter!

Candid Canberra #16 - Blackhawks over Parliament House, yesterday from midday

Happy Birthday to grandson Will Falconer, one year old today!
Happy Wedding Anniversary to Brett & Nadine, one year today!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Announcing the speedygeese Christmas function

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A speedygeese Christmas BBQ will be at the Apple Yurt, 14 Beltana Road Pialligo on Monday 6 December from 6:00pm. Tony & Chris Booth will be hosting this Christmas function. BYO BBQ food & drink, and salad or whatever. Tony will be baking lovely healthy bread in his oven. There will be plenty of seating there but a few extra folding chairs can be brought along as we are expecting large numbers. We will be outdoors under shelter so the only other thing we need to bring is good warm weather. RSVP so we have a rough idea how many are coming and so that we can send out any more information if needed.

Some of the results from last night's track; more to come
6 Lap Spiral
5 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee W35 10:32
6 Bronwyn Calver W40 10:36
7 Roger Pilkington M50 10:11
9 Helen Larmour W50 10:29
11 Nadine Morrison W40 10:12
12 Brett Morrison M40 10:19
14 Maria O'Reilly W55 11:28
15 Ruth Baussmann W60 12:33
22 Gary Bowen M50 9:45
27 Katie Forestier W40 10:00
28 Kathy Sims W55 11:51
30 Geoff Barker M65 17:24
32 Geoff Moore M60 11:37
35 Ken White M55 12:41
36 finishers
Curiously I go forward just one group next time. That should scare a few people! Not.
Spiral progressive point score

1. Roger Pilkington 137
3. Gary Bowen 124
I'm last.
1. Bronwyn Calver 136
2. Nadine Morrison 134
3. Helen Larmour 127
5. Ruth Baussmann 104

2000m Walk
M60 Alan Williams 13:10
M65 Geoff Barker 13:51
W60 Ruth Baussmann 14:15

Jogalong 7 November
Michelle Wells 25:48
Samantha Wright 30:40
Kerrie Tanner 30:48
108 finishers

Clarke&Dawe. “Get In The Truck”

Thursday, 11 November 2010

A Bit Of Goose

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Happy Birthday Jill 53 today
Happy Birthday Colleen 33 today

With a few new people joining recently, we have just reached a milestone: 100 official speedygeese. The 100th is Attlee who has also become the 79th person to join our speedygeese facebook page. With that many members, there is a birthday every 3½ days on average: and a new age group to celebrate every 18 days.

From Steve: a great result from Kerrie Bremner at the World 100 kms over the weekend to run 8 hrs 24 mins to finish 19th in the world. She ran at 5' 02" pace, unbelievable to know there were some very fast girls in front of her over 100 kms.

Candid Canberra #15 Eagle attack over Lake George (from K-blog)

Driving out of Bega last week, an eagle just like that one flew low over my car, casting a giant shadow across the windscreen. But I didn’t have time to grab my camera and photograph it. It was gone.

AACT Summer Series Meet now changed to from Friday to Saturday Nov 13:
"Due to the lack of officials available for the Athletics ACT Summer Series Meet this week, it has now changed to Saturday November 13 at 6.30pm. See Program 2 on the Athletics ACT website for events and times."

“A bit of goose”

Classic Roy & HG. From 10 years ago! (I went to school and Uni with “HG”! Except he did Drama and I did Maths)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

let's talk about the weather

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Candid Canberra #14: Monday's storm

The return of Simon's cat

Snow near Canberra recently

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Kym wins Space Race

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Parliament House training this Monday 8th: Andy, Attlee, Bronwyn, Damian, Ewen, me, Helen, Jodie, Kym, Leanne, Maria, Neil, Ruth.
On a very stormy night I was lucky to experience dry conditions for the drive there, for the 8k early run, and for the drive home later. The lightning and rain kept us in the underground carpark for the warmup and cooldown; and in between the rain eased off long enough to allow us to train outside. Damian fresh from his 2:14 800m run on Saturday did a modified version of what the rest did: he did a surging session while the rest went as fast as possible running 4 or 5 by ~800m with a short break. We got a bit damp that was all.

Last Monday 1st: Abi, Andrew, Attlee, Bronwyn, Christopher, Craig, Damian, Helen, Jennifer (early only), Joel, Kym, Maria, Neil, Ruth, Yelena.
I was away which is why the report is late. Joel and Damian ran hills while the rest ran 3 x 950m circuit with a circuit’s jog in between.

Customs result Friday 5th: Bob 21:45, Bronwyn 23:20, me 29:02, Geoff B 38:00

Deep Space Mountain Marathon Sunday 7th
(from John Harding) ... in the 19 km run to the Orroral Valley bridge and back ... in a great mountain running performance Kym Chisholm clocked 1.42.00 and smashed the women’s course record by 6 minutes.

Misty rain and cool weather in Deep Space

Kym on her way to a 6 minute course record

... and still had time to take a drink

Deep Space Mountain Marathon: speedygeese in the 19k:
10 Roger Pilkington 51 1.58.12
13 Warrick Howieson 40 1.59.58
1 Kym Chisholm 29 1.42.00
6 Colleen Koh 32 2.06.10

Happy Birthday to my grandson Jackson Moore, seven years old today! Croissants for breakfast, I am told, and 24 cupcakes to take to school and share with his class.

Happy 40th Anniversary to The Goodies! Here is the cover from their new DVD.

You can see the Goodies on ABC2, Monday nights, 8:05pm

Spring Series #2 is on tonight: I am going to run, sub 29 would be a small improvement... see you there.

Monday, 8 November 2010


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What's on this week:
Monday 8 November:
Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training.
Tuesday 9 November: ACTCCC Spring Series #2: Weston Park 5k, 6:15pm.
Wednesday 10 November: BBQ Stakes 6k handicap, 12:15pm.
Thursday 11 November: Vets @ AIS Athletics track
6:00pm 3000m
6:20pm 2000m walk
6:50pm 100m
7:00pm 1500m (P)
7:30pm 300m
8:00pm 4x200m relay
8:15pm 6 lap spiral
Friday 12 November: Customs 5k handicap, 12:15pm.
Saturday 13 November: Metro Runners, 8:00am at Acton Ferry Terminal.
Sunday 14 November: Stromlo Forest Park 8:00am speedygeese interval training.

Candid Canberra #13

Pattersons Curse behind Aranda. We had a different name for it in SA: Salvation Jane.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

chronologically gifted

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Regarding yesterday’s post:
It certainly was a happy birthday. From Michelle Wells’ Facebook page: “Set a new running record at this morning's Jogalong. For the first time in 12 years I scored the bronze medal. Also, it's the first time that a back marker has managed to get a medal (ran off last in group 46 -and managed a PB). I bet it's also the first time that anyone led the group warm-up and then ran with both her children in the mini jog before competing. Final year of the 30s is off to a flying start!

And Brooke Fraser is at the ARIAS on the steps of the Opera House tonight. And I heard her on 666 yesterday afternoon singing her "Something In The Water" song. Thanks Melanie!

Meanwhile, back to today’s event: at Stromlo Forest Park this morning, Troy and Leanne did km intervals on the 1k inner loop. Troy ran consistently around 3:45-3:49, and Leanne who also ran consistently was rapt to break 5 minutes for each interval, running between 4:55- 4:59. Young Josh aged four enjoyed the outing too and looks like a runner of the future. I ran around 12k without bettering 6 minute ks, but I did achieve one goal, about 5k+ was barefoot. And a beautiful day for it it was.

Great news on the track front, at AACT track yesterday Yelena ran around 15:15 for the 3k, which pleased her in the conditions, while Joel and Damian raced in the 800m, Damian chasing Joel for the first 796m then finishing with 2:14.39 to Joel’s 2:14.16. Very good times this early in the season. The plan is for them to go in plenty of 800m races, working into form over the next few months. And specific speed training is only just beginning.

It looks like being a bumper season.

Not Old.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

seven weeks to Christmas

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Happy Birthday Michelle Wells 39 today!

Yes only seven weeks to Christmas - time is flying past fast, speedily even. And I have just reached 62½ years old: significant only because it is the half-way mark in the M60 age group!

4th November 2010
speedygeese results
M40 Damian Rutledge 2:17.45 79.5%
M50 Gary Bowen 2:23.88 82.9
M50 Rod Lynch 2:33.76 75.6
W40 Emma Adams 2:38.60 74.1
M55 Ken White 2:43.04 75.6
W40 Amanda Walker 2:45.16 71.8
W40 Katie Forestier 2:49.97 71.0
M50 Andrew Matthews 2:54.55 67.2
W40 Heidi Johnston 2:56.58 66.0
W55 Kathy Sims 3:06.17 77.2
Great run by Damian in his first 800m of the season.

M50 Rod Lynch 10:58.97 76.3%
W40 Katie Forestier 11:45.62 77.4
W40 Nadine Morrison 12:07.25 72.8
M55 Ken White 12:15.39 72.5
W50 Helen Larmour 12:15.94 80.9
M50 Andrew Matthews 12:17.99 68.7
M40 Brett Morrison 13:22.68 58.9
W55 Maria O'Reilly 13:37.72 76.8
M60 Alan Williams 14:12.18 65.9
W60 Ruth Baussmann 15:09.83 74.1

One Hour Run
M50 Roger Pilkington 13.400
M65 Geoff Barker 8.400

It’s taking offSomething In The Water by Brooke Fraser - a joyful happy song, surely the best song of 2010. Therefore there are no apologies for re-presenting this great video.

Friday, 5 November 2010

notch #1

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Along with the rest of the world, my waist line is expanding.
My best trousers have a brown belt with five notches. Walking around Q Station Manly this week at a retreat, I could do it up to the first notch - only just. The food there was wonderful, dare I say it, even better than home cooking, and that's a first! I believe "the best chefs in Sydney" were feeding us and it was irresistible. And inexhaustable.
Despite little exercise the belt felt no tighter at the end of the four days, and this morning on the scales at home it was confirmed that I hadn't, in fact, added to my already rather high weight during the days at Q Station.
It seems to be that  relaxing and feeding well can be good for me on occasion! And possibly the tight belt stopped me from overeating.
So here's the brown belt challenge: How long will it take me to move to notch #2, or even further to notch #3, 4, or 5?
I will let you know. But I do know from experience that the first thing that long distance running affects is the waistline. I just need to get the kms up. For this purpose, speed doesn't matter, only distance.

Clarke&Dawe “They’re all around at his place”


Some race results where the speedygeese participated:

Spring Series race #1 Boathouse East 5k Tuesday 2 November
15. Nadine Morrison W40 20:55
16. Kym Chisholm 21:02
17. Brett Morrison M40 21:16
19. William Chin 21:31
24. Bob Harlow M60 22:02
28. Kathy Sims W55 23:09
29. Janene Kingston W45 23:15
31. Maria O'Reilly W55 23:33
36. Colleen Koh 23:55
47. Ewen Thompson M50 25:57
48. Ruth Baussmann W60 26:32
51. Mick Charlton  M55 27:27
60 finishers

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 3 November
Gary Bowen 26:20
Helen Larmour 27:10
Roger Pilkington 29:10
Kerrie Tanner 30:16

Returning from injury, I plan to run today at Customs... but this will necessarily be slow.

Candid Canberra #12

A hawk at the Pinnacle

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Vets track is on tonight.

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I will not be able to make it. Enjoy the evening everybody!

And I am not sure the slogan "just do it" applies to this advertisement?

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Candid Canberra #11

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ATM at Southern Cross Club/Wests, Jamison.

Looks like you’ll be a winner if you play this ATM!

The most excellent Members Services Sub-Committee (MSSC) meets at the above venue, Wests, each month to discusses issues close to the heart of all ACT Veterans Club members.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Candid Canberra #10

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Clouds over Harrison. Photo by Kazza.

Happy Birthday Katherine Sheppard! Welcome to the W40 age group!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Running In Deep Space

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I won't be running in Deep Space this Sunday. The AMRA has its attractive looking Deep Space Marathon on that day. See the AMRA website at http://www.mountainrunning.coolrunning.com.au/index.php But it's the speedygeese interval session at Stromlo Forest Park at 8:00am the same day, which is where I'll be, enjoying gentler undulations.

Also it's the start of the popular Spring Series, this Tuesday. Support the ACTCCC! I can't make it this week but I plan to next week.

What's on this week:
Monday 1 November
: Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training.
Tuesday 2 November: ACTCCC Spring Series #1: Boathouse East 5k, 6:15pm
Wednesday 3 November: BBQ Stakes 6k handicap, 12:15pm.
Thursday 4 November: Vets @ AIS Athletics track
6:00pm 3000m (not a GM 3000)
6:20pm 3000m/5000m walk (<30 mins) 6:50pm 60m 7:00pm 800m 7:30pm 200m (D) 7:45pm one hour run
Friday 5 November: Customs 5k handicap, 12:15pm.
Saturday 6 November: Metro Runners, 8:00am at Acton Ferry Terminal.
Sunday 7 November: ACTCCC Women's Jogalong, Weston Park, 9:00am
Sunday 7 November: Stromlo Forest Park 8:00am speedygeese interval training.
Sunday 7 November: AMRA Deep Space Marathon.

Footy season is only four months and-a-bit away. I tip the Blues to kick the first goal and to win the first game of the season. Will they kick on from there? They will face a fresh Gold coast the following week in Brisbane. Good luck!
A bye each week is going to take some getting used to.

I posted the AFL fixtures on my Facebook page last Friday. I like the Crows' draw; finalists for sure.