Friday, 30 October 2009

Spring Races

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Efficient Running
I am convinced that the fastest runs are even paced. But a breakneck first couple of laps didn't stop Katie (8 second pb) and Gary (4 second pb) from doing their best times in the 3000m last night, in perfect conditions. How much faster could they have run with a slower early pace?

Fabulous Form

Katie taking off at O'Connor Ridge. Her time there was one second faster than a certain rival's course pb - check out the "Frylink O'Connor Ridge 4k" course records, at

ACT Cross Country Club Spring Series races, Tuesdays at 6:15pm
(subject to change?)
3 November 5k Menindee Drive, Parkes – Melbourne Cup Day “Boathouse East”
10 November 5k Barrenjoey Drive - off Lady Denman Drive
17 November 5k Weston Park
24 November 5k Menindee Drive, Parkes – “Boathouse West”
1 December 5k Weston Park
I don’t know what course(s) the Weston Park races are; hopefully not on the main road.
The ACTCCC website says 6pm for some of the events but I am sure they are all supposed to start at 6:15pm
And 8 December Parliament House Relays, Enid Lyons Street, Parkes

Any ideas for a speedygeese Christmas function, say on Tuesday 8th December (or 15th if people want to run the relays)?

Here’s a nice version of “Yellow”, by Chris Martin (Coldplay).

On 15 August and 31 August I reported I could under no circumstances run PC updates, and my thumbnails were all corrupted. Nor could I “personalize” my desktop (US spelling!!) nor could I perform half the other control panel functions. This week I found a fix for the control panel; Microsoft finally published something which works; and hurrah, I can run Microsoft updates again. So last night I was able to install Vista SP2, and this fixed the thumbnails problem amongst other things. I have a usable system! (For how long?) And it can be "personalized" again.

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  1. I'm thinking it would be wise to skip Vista and go straight to Windows 7!!!! I hope they do this in DAFF where they still have Windows XP and Office 2003 ... sigh