Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Community Transformation

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What I am reading:
"Community: The Structure of Belonging", by Peter Block. Written in 2008 and only just released, this is a contemporary, relevant, timely book about how community transformation can take place. "Most of our communities are fragmented and at odds within themselves. Businesses, social services, education, and health care each live within their own worlds. The same is true of individual citizens, who long for connection but end up marginalised, their gifts overlooked, their potential contribution lost. What keeps this from changing is that we are trapped in an old and tired conversation about who we are. If this narrative does not shift, we will never truly create a common future and work toward it together."

Monday training. Alan, Andrew, Bronwyn, me, Jasmina, Jennifer, Kathy, Mick C, Miranda, Rohan, Ruth, Tony, Yelena & Yili met to run 12 intervals of a minute fast, a minute slow. It wasn't too cold. I handed out new speedygeese "business cards" which I will get to everybody, and I would like people to use them to invite their friends along to the group.

The Great Ocean Road 45km race: Kelley ran an outstanding 3:43:41.1 for this undulating race in wet conditions, giving her 87th place overall. Her marathon split was sub 3:30. What a brilliant run!

This video is especially for Kelley…

Shine up your medals
Last night's annual general meeting voted we stay "Veterans" (it required a 75% vote to change it) thus ensuring we remain out of step with the rest of the world, a world where Masters is the universal name.
Our new committee includes just two speedygeese: Christopher is still leading the troops, while Rachelle has been promoted up the ranks to Vice President. Miranda stood down; can someone please twist her arm to agree to be co-opted back on? Even if for half the year. Kevin also stood down and is also a huge loss, but plans to be active in other areas.

Where to from here?
I am committed to a future which is distinct from the past.
I am shifting the conversation from the problems of our community to the possibility of our community.
And, "The small group is the unit of transformation and the container for the experience of belonging" - Peter Block


photo by Mick Horan, click to enlarge

Half Marathon - one km to go

photo by Andy Rawlinson, click to enlarge

Receiving a special trophy for participating in the first and in the fortieth Rex Foulkes Half Marathon

photo by Kerrie Tanner, click to enlarge


  1. I have medals. What's the protocol? Do I pin them on the left pocket of my jacket? Does the gold medal go in the middle?

  2. Pin them on in straight lines please. You have done 1500m walks, the new event next season is the 600m march.

  3. OK - not enough room for my "finisher" medals though.

    I'm hopeless at marching - can we practise at Parly House? Also, can my nephew wear my medals and march for me after I die?

  4. Yes Ewen, when you die your membership number will get transferred automatically to the relative of your choice. How else would we be able to keep doing what we do, unchanged, forever?