Tuesday, 12 May 2009

coffee and chips

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Canberra Mothers' Day Classic results, 10 May.
10k place name gun-time chip-time
85 Bronwyn CALVER (47:41) 46:58
163 Suzie GYE (51:30) 51:19
196 Adam ROBINSON (52:55) 52:28
244 Miranda RAWLINSON (54:59) 53:56
298 Yelena PEARSON (56:26) 56:23
343 Christine O'KEEFE (58:37) 58:22
459 Christine GATES (1:03:48) 1:02:12
590 finishers
Also Heidi Johnston approx 47:00, just behind Bronwyn, didn’t have her chip

5k name place time (presumably gun time)
69 Jodie SIMS 24:07
237 Jodie DAVIS 29:33
737 finishers

Women's and Girls' Jogalong (6k handicap) results, Sunday, 3rd May 2009
88. Jennifer Bright 29:44
118. Caroline Campbell 31:52
138. Helen Larmour 27:35
155. Thea Zimpel 29:04
192 finishers

Monday night training - a mild evening, a good turn-out, for 32 minutes of 80 seconds fast/160 seconds jog back.
Participating were Alan, Andrew, Bronwyn, Christopher, Ewen, me, Helen, Kathy, Kirsten, Margaret, Maria, Mick C, Neil, Rohan, Ruth, Suzie, & Tim. It was Tim's last training night before he leaves for Melbourne. Taking his coffee cart with him. But Tim IS on Facebook!

The front of one of the lovely cards my training group gave me for my 61st birthday last week.

Song of the week: Glass of water Coldplay

Featuring the fabulous keyboard playing of Chris Martin on this live version.


  1. I don't see the front of any card. Is that a joke? Like, you didn't get any card? Maybe because 61 isn't as important as 59 ;)

  2. The geese, Ewen, the geese

  3. That's odd. It's there now. Maybe my browser is playing up.

  4. They were flying too fast and Ewen missed them!

  5. I might download chrome. That is bound to be a good browser. Compensates for old eyes by enlarging all pictures. Or maybe not. Must be 59 years old for it to work though. Or maybe less.