Thursday, 30 April 2009

Stepping up the training

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BBQ Stakes.
Yesterday was my first BBQ Stakes run since the track season began last October. A tempo run, although I sprinted the third km when Katie caught me. Then I had to let her go. I felt a lot better than I did on Sunday for the 5k, but it must be said, conditions were a bit better for the 6k.

Speedygeese at the 6k BBQ:
Katie ~26:06 pb
Ken ~27:21
Me ~27:46
Helen ~28.26
Carolyne ~38.42

Stepper training
After the Stakes, I went off to Canberra Uni gym, joined up for six months, and resumed stepper training.

The machine I used there is in fact the same one I used regularly some years ago. My stepper training is on the Stairmaster “FreeClimber 4400 CL”, pictured here.
When I started yesterday, I was pleased the same one was there I have used before. It has nine workout options (variations of harder/easier work), each option has twenty levels of difficulty, and time can be set between five and forty-five minutes. A training set I would typically do would be 45 minutes of "rolling hills" at level ten say, then four minutes of "sprinting" at level sixteen, say. Enough variations to make it interesting. 
The atmosphere at CU is quite good too: four televisions to watch, magazines to read, loud music, plus with my own walkman pushing out my music, plenty to keep me entertained.

And it's inside, away from Canberra's dark and wintry weather.

I don't like treadmills.

Stepping up the training
I also did a circuit class in the evening, mostly aerobic.
This winter, Wednesday is going to be one of those busy days.

Track photo #5
Helen. Getting back to form.


  1. wannabe said:

    The runner who stayed upright is definitely "in the zone". Did not even blink.

  2. That would have hurt!

    Stepping could be fun if there's plenty to keep one entertained.

    Helen always looks fast.

  3. Yes I wondered about that too, Jim.
    And note the name on the treadmill. Where IS Eagle's post marathon post?

  4. Thanks for the stepper info, I can get my hands/feet on to one of those, seen at the local gym.