Wednesday, 20 August 2008

This Bird Has Flown

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Bye Emma

Aussie Flop
I almost dread opening the newspaper each day to see how the Olympics is going. Why do the journalists repeat the ignorance and prejudice of the community at large and call failures what are brilliant performances? The very best athlete in Australia may come "only" 11th in this world championship, and they are supposed to be ashamed and heartbroken because of it and beg our forgiveness? "Aussie flop" heads the article which starts off "the lack of depth in Australian men's Olympic triathlon was brutally exposed yesterday with their worst result in three games." This is pathetic incompetent journalism at its very worst; that is what is being exposed here. The triathletes in question were "only" 11th and 16th.

But there is probably not a lot we can do about it.

Well I may write a letter or two to the Canberra Times. Not complaining: exhorting people to exercise. But I fear the sedentary classes are largely unreachable; there is plenty of evidence in the articles and the letter columns of our newspapers that most Aussies are complacent fools, happy to sit and criticise and eat their junk foods sold to them shamelessly in advertisements during sporting events and watch their kiddies "fail" for a few years before telling them they should stop trying as they won't ever be "the best".

Baby Sitting

This bird might fly back
if we sit on the cat

(Which are not lines from the Beatles' "Norwegian Wood - This Bird Has Flown")
Emma we miss you already.

(footnote: I am not sure exactly what day she is leaving, it may be a little while yet. But hey, whatever ...)


  1. Here Here! I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments - unfortunately I gave up writing to papers years ago as Iwas never published - failure that I am. LOL

  2. Unfortunately people who don't know a lot about the sport probably think what he/she is saying is true. It really gives me the willies!

  3. I think every runner reading this blog would agree as well. I got really angry the other night at a club over-hearing a conversation at another table rubbishing a top athlete. Fortunately I bit my tongue. I must take a deep breath and ignore it!