Monday, 25 August 2008

• I'm So Tired

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, August 25, 2008 with 2 comments
...not entirely true, but a song title I had to use sometime! I'm a bit tired, perhaps you are too, with the Olympics having taken its toll, as we watched night after night medal attempts by Aussies (almost exclusively, although there were other countries competing, apparently) and the 1000th replay of any Aussie success. And exactly why did Prime replay the 4x400m relays in full while the men's marathon was on? At least I could fast forward that part, because I had recorded the marathon while running our half marathon and enjoying a perfect day in the sun! All in all the Olympics themselves were very inspiring. And now my TV can go back to the ABC, except I see "March of the Penguins" is on Win tonight, must be ratings time. And Nausicaa on SBS Wednesday. And Spiderman on Win Saturday. But back to the ABC, Dr Who on Sunday, part two of "Vashta Nerada", will be the real highlight. Part one last night was just amazing!

Here's to a full recovery this week, even if it has started off badly for you!

Some readers may associate with this. Happy Monday!

My training progress
last week’s target: n/a
achieved: 84k
year 2008 total to date: 2819k in 34 weeks
this week's target: none
weight: 63kg ▼
I will run the short handicap at Blewitts on Sunday. I have two previous runs over that course, both reasonably fast, so comparing times will be interesting.


A selection of running events this week!
Monday We train at Parliament House 5:30pm
Tuesday The 300th running of the 7k Ginninderra Handicap, Belconnen 12.30pm
Wednesday BBQ Stakes 6k handicap race at Woden, 12:15pm
Thursday We train at Dickson Track 5:30pm
Friday Customs 5k handicap race 12:15pm Commonwealth Park
Saturday ACTCCC Yarralumla 4x3k Relays, 1:00pm.
Sunday ACTMA monthly handicaps, 9am Blewitts Pines

There is a lot to look forward to. No rest for the wicked, nor for us! Come and run off all that stress.

Another way to relieve stress:

Aah, that's better!


  1. It was worth missing the ACT Masters' Half Marathon to watch the best Olympic marathon ever live.

    Some great runs from the geese! Jimmy White is always a good scalp to have :)

  2. Well, almost live. From where I watched they broke for ads and "other" important stuff for about an hour of the marathon and I was more horse from screaming at the TV to get back to the marathon than for the Kenyan to keep up his pace.

    Yes, but that aside it was really something, that marathon and the games themselves. Well worth the sleepless nights.