Friday, 22 August 2008

I'm Happy Just To Dance With You

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, August 22, 2008 with 5 comments
The Masters Half Marathon this Sunday at Stage 88, Commonwealth Park, looks like featuring Stuart Doyle and Scott Imhoff racing head to head at the front of the fast group, both wanting very fast times to qualify them for a national team. There are three start times, 8:00 am, 8:30 am, 9;00 am. Given that most runners in the fast group catch almost no runners in the slow groups, it makes for a clear run for the fast runners. It does mean though that the slow group runners have to wait a while for the presentations.

I am rapt with my form at the moment. It’s not the times I am running – not at all, they are not exactly world beating – but I have achieved my main long term goal, I am running PAIN FREE and I am therefore enjoying my running and achieving my training objectives. Hurrah!

38 Happy Years

Today is our 38th wedding anniversary. Here is a recent photo of Jenny and I with a picture of my great great grandfather, David Alfred Ewers. Taken in Goolwa SA at a family reunion, I had just returned from a 21k run. Of course.

A very young Jodie

This photo has my daughter Monica (now Mon Hall) at Hawker Preschool with birthday cakes for her fifth birthday in 1981. A very young Jenny is standing behind her, and Mon's pre-school friends around her. One of the friends is Jodie Sims, not quite five! Two across from Mon, her right, your left, laughing. I just love the haircuts their mummies have given them!

Watching today
21:40 Women 4 x 400m relay Heats
21:55 Men Pole vault Final Paul Burgess, Steven Hooker
22:10 Men 4 x 400m relay Heats, Australia chance of placing in final
22:40 Women 5000m Final
23:15 Women 4 x 100m relay Final
00:10 Men 4 x 100m relay Final


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY - huge congratulations to you both. Jenny looks exactly the same when Mon was 5 as she does now! What absolutely gorgeous photos - really cute (all of you!!)

  2. Were pale blue leggings the in thing in 1981?

    Happy 38th!

    Did you get to watch the women's 5000m final? Did I fall asleep and miss it?

  3. Yes I think I watched the women's 5000m, an 11.5 lap warmup jog for a 60 second sprint, with the usual stupid Prime ad break so we couldn't see the moves being made. But the world record in the mens' 4x100m and the Pole Vault Aussie gold medal made it worth staying up late after all.

  4. OK, I must have slept through it. Just looked up the splits - 9:58.13 at 3k! Woohoo - my PB's faster than that! Must have looked like they were totally jogging.

    Saw the pole vault though :)