Sunday, 1 June 2008

Tell me why

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, June 01, 2008 with 2 comments
Usually we are highly motivated to run, run, run. Sometimes we are not and need telling why we do what we do. That's the benefit of a large friendly inclusive group! Mutual encouragement.

Today I am flying and am highly motivated. BUT:

I have reached my target already this week, so no running today! Better safe than sorry. As I have said before, feeling good is often a danger sign that we are about to overdo it!

I will be back in action tomorrow, I know that many new challenges lie ahead.

New challenges for a spry Ewen:

I think you should start with "4. Barefoot marathon", then "3. Backwards marathon" and proceed from there. If you cannot set an ACT record with either of them, put them together and run a barefoot backwards marathon?

Marathon collage

ACT Masters runners in the 2008 Canberra Marathon

Caution! Political content follows!
According to Brendan Nelson, childhood obesity in Australia isn’t a problem. That’s a relief. Good to see the liberal party’s head-in-the-sand approach hasn’t changed. This follows his contention that petrol prices aren’t a problem, that indigenous housing isn’t a problem, that binge drinking by teenagers isn’t a problem, that his 9% approval rating isn’t a problem, and that Malcolm Turnbull isn’t a problem. and …. My goodness, I so miss irresponsible government. NOT!
End of political content. Normal service has been resumed.


  1. I think the Libs have a 'head in the sandwich' approach. Probably a cucumber sandwich with the crusts cut off.

    Thanks for Top 10 link - luv it!

  2. Don't call me spry!

    I'm going for the "backwards barefoot juggling slow motion in a borat suit" record.