Sunday, 8 June 2008


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Mentioning sun yesterday was premature. No blue sky has been seen since, and what passes for rain here in Adelaide is falling. That is, there are clouds in the sky, the wind is blowing, and there is a general vague feeling of coolth. And if you run for 60 minutes as I did just now, you return with a sight dampness on the outer clothing.

Yesterday Jenny and I attended the Ewers reunion, the reason we came here this weekend. 100 or so of the descendants of my mother's mother's father (D. A. Ewers) gathered in one place, being but a small proportion of the total were they all to assemble. Great fun; met many whose names I knew but not faces; met a couple who lived a couple of streets away in Holt for four years; met a mother and a grandfather of a friend whom I had forgotten was related. And so on.

Tonight we will probably go to Gawler (north) for Fasta Pasta; tomorrow we will probably go to Goolwa (South) for a picnic and a run overlooking the Southern Ocean. Rain permitting.


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