Thursday, 12 June 2008

I'll Cry Instead

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Maria at Oakey Hill

Calendar of coming events
Sunday 15 June
ACTA HIGH NOON MEET AIS ATHLETICS FIELD - Raiders Game at 2pm so be early to get a parking spot.
12:00 noon sprint hurdles
12:15pm 60m
12:30pm 100m
12:50pm 800m
1:05pm 200m
1:15pm 3000m run and walk!
I plan to run the 3000m, but if there are too many walkers in the field, I might go for a run outside instead!

Saturday 21 June
ACTMA cross country championships
You can enter on the day for $5.00.
I will be running the 8k - now that I am 60, at last I don't have to run 12k!

Or do I? Here is the official event schedule ...

Yes folks, this looks like being yet another "memorable" collaboration between AACT and ACTMA. I hesitate to express my true feelings. I'll just cry instead. Needless to say, I am a 60 year old member of both organisations, and as such I am expected to run both the 8k and the 12k!!!!!!! Great.

BBQ Stakes results from yesterday
me 25:12 (another good run)
Roger (who is injured) ~33:50
I haven't had a "breakthrough" run yet, but, soon? Still, 25.12 is OK, given my preparation and the dampness of the course and the cool breezy weather.


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