Saturday, 7 June 2008

here comes the sun

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, June 07, 2008 with 3 comments
There have been two days of sunshine, and an hour or two of warmth, here in Elizabeth. I ran a 22k run yesterday but the garmin decided to lose the satellite at 18k so I repeated the run today, in reverse, and it worked for the full 22k.
Despite the sun, a tiny bit of rain was blowing round in the breeze. We don't get "rain" like that in Canberra!


  1. Just 1 day of sun here today! Who is taking care of the 'geese' while the leading gander is away? Is it the bearded one?!

  2. No... it's the young bearded one.

  3. Who has grown a "young beard"? Christine, or Strewth?