Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Her Majesty

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, June 11, 2008 with 3 comments
weight: 63.5kg ▲ not bad considering the feasting of the past week!!

No fireworks no rugby
On the Queens birthday holiday weekend, no fireworks in Adelaide! No mention of them! But here in Canberra I am told there were too many. This is not unusual. But one event worth setting off fireworks for was a good half marathon time by Colin Farlow, 1:23.46, well under 4 minutes per km.

lotsa footy
Actually what a great weekend to be in Adelaide. Not only did the Crows execute a 64 point turn-around after half time to win by 50 points, flogging Richmond in Melbourne, but back in Adelaide Sunday evening I sat down at Fasta Pasta Gawler to see the TV on at three-quarter time, Port ahead of Carlton 8.12 to 3.12 live (delayed) from Adelaide, only to enjoy a 7 goals to nil final quarter by Carlton with the end result 10.15 to 8.15. Bliss!

And TV sports coverage which doesn't mention rugby. More bliss!

and so, back to the land of bureaucrats


  1. Lucky you got back in time to see Tesso's team thrash the Blues last night ;)

    Damn, I missed running a half on that very fast course!

  2. I take it that you mean rugby union and not rugby league :) That I could cope with.

  3. Tesso, I better confess, I was using the word "rugby" the way all true South Australians use the word. We/they don't know the difference between union, league, or whatever else there might be. And don't care. Sorry about that. Of course, I am no longer fully a South Australian, so am now aware there might be some differences. Perhaps if there were four different versions of true footy though (Australian football), we might get a decent coverage on sports TV, like all the versions of rugby do now, which I find irksome. Yes it leaves me full of irk.