Saturday, 28 June 2008

Dear Prudence

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, June 28, 2008 with 5 comments
Tomorrow morning 9am is the June monthly handicap at Mt Ainslie. I hope more photos are taken; I have made use of quite a few of John Kennedy's Oakey Hill photos!

Prudence, Kathy S, Rachelle, Pat, Jill and Rod at Oakey Hill last month

If all goes as expected Miranda will be Secretary after tomorrow. I wish her well; last time I was on Main Committee, Prudence was President and I was Vice-President and it was a lot of work! Fortunately "everything" can be delegated.

How Thursday went
Before training at Dickson I ran up to Ainslie-Majura: it is only a short distance to the ridge and the start of the Majura Pines; I will make this a regular run from mid-July. I tried to take the shortest route back, to see how far it was, but "got lost": the dip at the bottom of the following picture was supposed to be a straight line!

Training were Matthew, Bronwyn, Neil, Al, Jodi & Colin running 5 x 600 on 6 minutes; David, Ruth, Rachelle and I jogging around.

I ran the same 600m interval session on Friday at Stromlo and averaged 2:21. I was feeling exceedingly sluggish. Until I got into it properly. Miranda kept me honest.

Both sessions were handicapped starts so that the faster runners started later.

It is still June! Bring on Spring!

Beatles Titles
There are plenty more; I won't run out for a long time yet. Let's see how creative we can be with the more "difficult" ones? "Dear Prudence" for example wasn't a problem, was it?

won't you come out and play
it's a brand new day


  1. Dear Geoff,

    Dear Prudence is one of my favourite Beatles songs.

  2. Hey Tesso
    Any time you feel the pain, hey, Tesso, refrain
    Don't carry the world upon your shoulders...

    Hey, Tesso, don't make it bad
    Take a sad song and make it better
    Remember to let [us] into your heart
    Then you can start to make it better

  3. Dear Geoff,

    Spring started today. How come there were no bites from Strewth? Sheepish?

    I'm waiting to see what you do with "While my guitar gently weeps".

  4. Guitar? Easy beasy. But the whole world is waiting to see what I do with "Yellow Submarine".

  5. Sproing!! It's Spring on the other side of the world - lambs love spring!