Friday, 27 June 2008

Ask Me Why

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37 (No expense spared. Cut out cardboard castles and coconuts)

“Outdated Imperialist Dogma”!
Why? This follows up my son turning 37. And parodies (both sides of) conflicting world-views.

ACT Masters
Read the latest (July) Vetrunner. Then please contact me with any and all thoughts about our name change. In particular I would like to collect any good reasons for staying with "Veterans". Don't let those who have already spoken speak for you, the arguments put forward are less than convincing! So far. As you will see.

I also need to monitor whether there is a groundswell of opinion for or against "Masters". If you don't tell me now, don't grumble later on about not being asked!

If you read Vetrunner and still don't know why we want to be Masters, ask me why. I am really very approachable.

Banned for four matches.
'Aint serious sport strange? "England one-day captain Paul Collingwood has been banned for four matches after his side failed to bowl their overs in the required time in Wednesday's one-day international against New Zealand." What next, a jail term? Don't ask me why sport has got to this.

Let's relax and enjoy it. I like Allrounder's motto: "Jack of all, Master of none". Yet we enjoy "mastering" our sport, as best we can, with the help of those around us. And we are masters of our sport in comparison with those who are "Jack of no trades". We enjoy becoming skilled athletes, via friendly competition and social interaction. Now that's all good!

Rod, Colin, Geoff S & Peter at Oakey Hill. In the background you can see Kent, the M60 cross country champion, in the white cap. All these Oakey Hill photos are by John Kennedy (which is why he isn't in them!)


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