Saturday, 21 June 2008

Any Time At All

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Pat & Gary at Oakey Hill

Bricks in the backpack? Handicapped indeed!

Today's 8k & 12k cross country championships - and it's fine and sunny after all, do come out and watch! - are not part of any long term strategy, I will just have a quick sprint around the 8k course, mindful of where my M60 rivals are, any time at all is OK. This race is just a diversion.

But the High Noon meets ARE part of a long term strategy, which is to get my 3k times well down below 11 minutes, and my 5k times below 19 minutes, eventually.

I will almost certainly run the 1500m in the next one. Here's the program:
High Noon Track Meet Sunday 6 July:
12 noon 3000m
12:02pm long hurdles 200m, 400m
12:10pm 60m
12:25pm 100m
12:40pm 1500m run
12:55pm 1500m walk
1:05pm 200m
1:20pm 400m

Meanwhile, I read the news today, oh boy, are you ever fat!
Health experts say Australia is fast becoming the fattest nation on earth. New figures suggest about a quarter of Australians are classed as either overweight or obese, about the same amount as in America. Professor Simon Stewart, from Melbourne's Baker Heart Institute, will present the study's findings in Melbourne today. He says Australia's obsession with sport has made it harder for people to accept that the nation has a weight problem. "I think we need to reflect on this fact that as we send our Olympians off to the Beijing Olympics," he said. "In terms of our sporting heritage and culture, if we had a fat Olympics, we would be gold medal contenders." One in four of you are fat! And even if you are "average", average is fatter than it used to be! I dare you to move, get up and get active, and get some of that lard off your large bottoms.

Meek and Mild. As If!

I was told that in yesterday's picture I look like Jesus. I take that as a compliment.

Jesus walked everywhere. And was not fat. And told it like it was.
My hero.

Get fit not fat! Look at and be inspired by the pictures of our training group members here and below, they are fit because they run, go forth and do ye likewise. Get up and get moving, in your own time, in your own time, any time at all. Right now would be good.

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  1. I just heard that about Australia... not a good sign. I was hoping that the US was alone in their ridiculous overconsumption, but it would seem that other countries (Japan too) are quickly catching up. Bigger isn't better!