Sunday, 6 April 2008


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Today was the day of the annual Act Cross Country Club Women's and Girls 5k Fun Run (WGFR for short).

The fall

Three or four runners slipped on the final turn 100m from the finish. The worst fall was by Joy Terry, who was edging Sarah McRae for third place outright when she slid out and landed heavily. Sarah paused momentarily to see if Joy was OK, then got a two second jump on Joy and held that margin to the line.

The speedygoose medal

Emma and her sister won the sisters division. Who would like to be Emma's sister next year? Emma ran just over 20 minutes for the 5k.

The mob

We cheered for the geese. I tried to take unposed photos. Smile, Gary! Rachelle, centre, ran a new 5k pb, just over 22 minutes. Helen, left, was just over 21 minutes. Kathy Southgate, at the back next to Ewen, won the W50s in just over 19 minutes.

Geese of a feather ...

The speedygeese are getting faster

It was very sad to hear that Helen's father died this morning. Helen ran the Fun Run with that news fresh in her mind. It was an emotional run. And very sad for Roy Jones too, whose brother and sister both died last Sunday, a few hours apart. Roy actually led the Fun Run, he was the lead cyclist, a role he regularly takes.


  1. My sympathy goes to Helen, Roy and families.

  2. A very sad time all round ~ my thoughts are with you both and your families.

    Sincere condolences.

  3. I'll be Emma's sister, but I need some hormones for the beard.