Thursday, 17 April 2008

Toast and Crumpet

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Creative cheering for the marathon.

These guys were dressed, and behaving, differently each time we passed them.

... and each time I passed "iliketoast" and "ihatetoast" I detoured to say hello. I doubt this accounts for the whole 18 minutes and 19 seconds I lost. But it may have, even the best of marathons turns into a time warp (with optional hallucinations around Kings Avenue underpass).

Speedygeese Results
2008 Marathon Eve 10km Fun Run

25 Kathy Southgate 39:19
119 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee 47:23
120 Bronwyn Calver 47:32
237 Ruth Baussmann 54:27
254 Mick Charlton 55:21
301 Margaret McSpadden 58:07

None of the speedygeese ran the 5k

Gary and a cheer squad named Rachelle

The photos below of Charlie were taken by Strewth. The photo of Gary above was as well. Strewth is the best photographer! The photos of ihatetoast and iliketoast were borrowed from "Toast and Stuff" where more can be found.

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  1. 2 years ago, one crumpet, ran the 10K eve race and was back again this year. Her first race since breaking her hip running a marathon in Hawaii back in 2006. It's tough starting again, so to see her come in around 1 minute of that time was sensational.

    Enjoyed seeing the faces, the paces and different ways all ran on Sunday. I encourage all to give this cheering thing a go and yell yourself hoarse. The weekend was all about coming down and seeing some friends and sharing what we all love to do.

    Congratulations to all the Speedy Geese.