Monday, 14 April 2008

Three seasons and a marathon

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, April 14, 2008 with 4 comments
My training progress
last week’s target: n/a
achieved: 88k
year 2008 total to date: 1349k in 15 weeks
this week's target: 60k or more as feel.
weight: 62kg ▼
song of the week: "A Bird Is a Song", by Christopher Walla, from "Field Manual" - "I do not need to see but I need a vision"

Speedygeese in the Canberra Marathon
60 Richard Faulks 2:59.42
193 Geoff Moore 3:18.19
395 Cathy Newman 3:37.07
409 Charlie McCormack 3:37.38
441 Gary Bowen 3:40.23
454 Roger Pilkington 3:41.48
894 Caroline Campbell 4:32.10
1002 Thea Zimpel 5:13.16
1041 finishers

50k - ultra
107 Caroline Campbell 5:51.55
Full results are at the Canberra Marathon website.

These marathon photos by John Kennedy illustrate the three seasons we experienced:

"Spring Rain". Speedycoach

"Summer Sun". Richard Faulks and Trevor Jacobs

"Winter Hail". Caroline Campbell

No Fall!

Head v Heart take 2:
Yesterday I ran comfortably in the rain at or under 4:30s for 22k before the first climb up Commonwealth Avenue proved too much and I had to slow to just faster than 5:00s which I maintained for the rest of the run. The 4:30s were testing the idea that with more training I might be able to run 3 hours as a 60 year old, next marathon. The test was a complete success in that I now know, no! So my mind is made up - I will train specifically for 3000m/5000m and not the marathon. I still expect my heart to nag me into another marathon one day. But my head says 34 marathons is enough for one lifetime.

Instincts are misleading
You shouldn't think what you're feeling
-lightness, DCfC

[Edit: see Strewth's blog for more great speedygeese photos!]


  1. I'm not sure whether you can do under 3 hours as a 60 year old or not, but with your talent I suspect you could.

    Still I'm in not position to judge at least until I run about 24 more marathons than I have.

  2. I was really very surprised to catch you out there Geoff. 34 marathons is a hell of a lot and specially at the high standard you have run. I hope there may be some more Moore in the marathons. If not at least toss in a few Halfs.

  3. When I first meet you at the Doomben Half a couple of years back, you told me of your plan to run sub 3 as a 60 year old. At the time I was dreaming of running sub 3 again and found inspiration in your quest.

    So it is with a little sadness, I read of your change in direction. It is not a suprise as I suspected from your posts over the last months that your focus was changing.

    While I feel I have much less chance of doing a sub 3 than you, I am still clinging to that goal. My performance this year at the GC will certainly be pivotal as an indicator of the viability of my own tilt at the Holy Grail.

    Good luck with the short stuff.

  4. I AM KEEPING UP THE LONG TRAINING AND WILL RUN MANY, MANY HALF MARATHONS if I can.... and should I get back "on track" and run, say, an 84 minute half, I will definitely have a shot at the sub 3 marathon goal!

    Thanks for your belief in me. I believed in myself too, and I still think someone who runs 2:26 when 30 should be able to run 2:56 when 60.