Thursday, 10 April 2008

Solo Performances

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, April 10, 2008 with 2 comments
April seems to be the month of the solo.

To start with, I have been listening to the first solo album release by my daughter Mon:

You will have to WAIT for a sample of her music here!

And I have been listening to Jon Foreman's EPs "Fall" and "Winter". "Spring" has arrived in the US but hasn't been seen here yet, and "Summer" is on its way! Jon Foreman is lead singer of Switchfoot.

In the spirit of Mon's album, and in the spirit of Switchfoot's "Let Your Love Be Strong", here's a live offering of "Your Love IS Strong" by Jon Foreman, from "Spring".

And I have been listening to the new album "Field Manual" by Christopher Walla, guitarist from DCfC, reviewed in today's Canberra Times which prompted me to use this theme today.

But for the sake of variety, here is another solo performance; one which will amuse your 4 year old:

Solo 'aint solo! All these solo performances were made possible by a large team of people! As the proverb says:
Plans fail for lack of counsel
but with many advisers they succeed
- Proverbs 15:22

May your plans succeed this weekend, particularly if you are running the Canberra marathon!


  1. Was that a typo? Did you mean to say 49 year old?

    Can't wait to hear Mon!

  2. You're 4 at heart, eh Tesso? Good, so am I.