Saturday, 19 April 2008

Mastering Athletics

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, April 19, 2008 with 3 comments
Canberra Masters Athletics? That's my suggestion for a new name for "ACT Veterans Athletics Club". I am going to put it to the Annual General Meeting of the club, on 18 May. Not just me, our subcommittee has come up with the proposal after long deliberation. This subcommittee is the "Member Services Subcommittee" and is responsible for strategies to attract and retain members. Admittedly some other tasks come our way, but our main focus is two fold - retain members: the provision of quality services for members and being responsive to concerns and needs, and attract members: promotion and publicity.

The reasons for this name change to "Canberra Masters Athletics" include:
Common usage in Australia and internationally of “Masters Athletics” to refer to athletic activities for individuals 30 years and older.

Wanting to align the club and its activities with the interests of individuals born in or since 1970, as well as individuals born before 1970.

Recognising that in contemporary usage the term ‘veteran’ is increasingly equated with ‘old’, and that the notion of ‘old’ is a barrier to attracting the interest of 30 and 40-year-olds who wish to join an athletics club.

We would wish to start using the name "Canberra Masters Athletics" straight away, from May 2008, as our name brand name. More formal changes such as constitution changes, if needed, would likely occur as late as May 2009.

"Canberra Masters Athletics" - Athletics for 30s and over.

Mastering Recovery


  1. Great idea Member Services Subcommittee!

    I'm feeling younger already :) No longer can I be called an ancient, crusty fossil and a veteran of WW2!

  2. Gees, Masters born as recently as 1970. They are pups!

  3. Even if you were born in 1978 you can now join the Masters. My oldest grandchild will have to wait until 2029. I will be failing to set M80 records by then!