Saturday, 12 April 2008

Go Go Go!

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Thursday night training saw 14 runners - a marked increase for Dickson - run 12 sprints over 200m with a float recovery of only 100. Present were Barbara, Bronwyn, Christine G, Colin, me, Jodie, Kathy, Maria, Mick H, Miranda, Neil, Ruth, Rod and Tony.

The marathon countdown reads 0 days! The last few days always race past fast. Off to the marathon expo then, staying there as briefly as possible. But that will be almost impossible, it's such a buzz with all the adrenalin flowing. And I must say, I am looking forward to getting chest number 5.
My old training partner Kaaren is running the marathon again after all these years, and she will be wearing chest number F5!
Rest assured there will be no correlation between chest number and final place.

Go Go Gary Griffin! The following photo was posted via a new blogger feature, scheduled posts. I published it yesterday and time stamped it 9am this morning, when it duly appeared. This feature will prove invaluable when I take my holidays in another week's time! See for details if you want to use it for your blog. It is available in Blogger in draft.


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