Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A quick report

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 with 2 comments
Track Results Thursday night
M50 Ken White 64.09 79.4%
M55 Geoff Sims 64.66 81.3
W40 Katie Forestier 74.40 72.0
W55 Maureen Rossiter 77.68 79.9

M45 Mick Horan 4:42.87 83.6%
M45 Colin Farlow 4:49.24 80.3
M45 Rod Lynch 5:16.68 74.7
M45 Roger Pilkington 5:49.25 68.4
M50 Ewen Thompson 5:51.01 68.7
M55 Geoff Moore 5:24.42 80.3
M55 Geoff Sims 5:58.03 72.7
M55 Neil Boden 6:08.62 69.4
M60 Kevin Chamberlain 5:27.16 80.9
W35 Bronwyn Calver 6:29.53 62.0
W55 Kathy Sims 6:22.10 78.4

Pennington 3000m handicap
3 Rod Lynch M45 10:58 75.2%
6 Katie Forestier W40 12:05 73.7
9 Ken White M50 11:54 72.8
17 Roger Pilkington M45 12:56 64.3
20 Margaret McSpadden W60 15:55 70.6
21 Tony Booth M65 14:55 66.4
22 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee W35 13:25 63.2
23 Geoff Barker M60 14:40 63.8
24 Bronwyn Calver W35 13:42 62.9

spiral 5
2 Kevin Chamberlain M60 8:28
4 Geoff Barker M60 9:43
6 Kathy Sims W55 9:14
7 Roger Pilkington M45 8:01
8 Ewen Thompson M50 12:22
14 Neil Boden M55 8:58
23 Katie Forestier W40 8:38
24 Bronwyn Calver W35 9:20
25 Margaret McSpadden W60 11:06
29 Tony Booth M65 10:20
32 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee W35 9:26
34 Mick Horan M45 9:42

Congratulations to top performers, Mick and Kevin.

Monday night turned out cool and breezy for Parliament House training, where a large area was fenced off as preparations were underway for Friday's huge Australia Day Concert. We improvised an anaerobic relay - Five teams of four runners each team with two batons running E-W sprints in a continuous relay across the grass between the flagpoles. So at any given time two runners from each team were sprinting and two were recovering. The first set saw each runner have ten sprints: team membership was "random". The second time I put the fastest runners into a team, the next fastest into the next team and so on; then ran a set which finished when every runner of team coming last had completed ten sprints. Training were Alan, Amanda, Annette, Bronwyn, Cathy, Christine O, Emma, Ewen, Gary, moi, Jodie, Joel, Kathy, Ken, Margaret, Mick C, Mick H, Neil, Rachelle, Tim, Yelena. Next week I plan to have an easy session on Monday, as it is a public holiday, it is the day after many of us race the Campbell Park handicap, and it is the day before the Cross Country Club's first Summer Series race at Stromlo, a very attractive 5k on grass.

Charlie was 43 yesterday. Maria will be 53 Friday. And did you know that one of our friends, Terri Jones, is 70 today? No way does she look 70! What a great advertisement for Veterans Athletics!


  1. Happy birthday for yesterday Charlie! Maria doesn't look a day over Charlie's age.

    Nice victory by Rachelle over Mick H in the Spiral!

  2. I agree with Ewen - no way does Maria look 53! They all look fabulous. I will be at Stromlo for the first of the summer series but on duty!!