Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Now and Then

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, January 01, 2008 with 6 comments

Surrounded by good looking women. Or rather, on this occasion, the lucky guy is not I but Dave. Photo by Ruth's camera. At our Christmas function; note the Banana Leaf. s.


Back when we could run a bit. At that time (or later?), ACT Vets Secretary (speedymoi) and President (Bryan). Note that Bryan was an M45. Must have been nigh on twenty years ago. There IS no finish line! It was a 10k; note the Nike spikes. I still have them somewhere.

Declaration of Intent
Established when I ran 29k this morning. Back to the (occasional) long run. I hope.

Sorry, I forgot to include a palindrome. After that dinner photo above, let's say, "Evade no one, Dave".


  1. "New event for roft nev Ewen" .... I am not very good at palindromes.

  2. 'tis Mark... run U. RK, rams it!

    Good form Geoff.

    Bryan is doing OK for a heel runner. Was that lap one?

  3. Not being able to think of a palindrome with both "Mark" and "Toast" in it, I will resort to:
    "GO JOG!".

    And Ewen, I will claim to be lapping Bryan when the photo was taken. That's what my memory - or is it my ego? - dictates. And see, I did have good form back then. That 10k was probably about 32:30.

  4. Happy New Year and very clever palindromes - at least yours are, not so sure about the others!! Still, I can't even manage one!

  5. i need a microscope to see those shorts!
    i can't do palindromes. i'm better with naughty limericks.

  6. I still have the shorts somewhere too. They must have shrunk even more, I get them up just past my knees and they won't come up any higher.