Thursday, 31 January 2008

Fixing my PC

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, January 31, 2008 with 6 comments
I won't talk about running today, but something close to the heart of all readers no doubt, given that you are all on-line if you are reading this. What do you do when your PC mis-behaves?

I spend a fair bit of time on my computer; a small proportion of it on this blog project; reading, writing and researching; a larger proportion "working" on a whole lot of other projects.

But over the last few weeks, intermittently, at least daily but sometimes more frequently, switching windows and the like causes the monitor display to jump and then blank out and freeze, meaning I have to switch off the PC and give it ten minutes rest before it comes good again.

So far I have tried to fix this by
. switching monitors. No luck.
. changing the screen resolution and the colour quality. No luck.
. changing the hardware acceleration to "none". That's where I am now, but I don't hold up much hope. I am sitting here typing away scared to change windows and waiting for the crash!!!

OK the PC is nearly five years old, I bought it in early 2003, but it fully meets my needs. Except for the need to stay calm.

And my good lady is frustrated too - she is currently researching genealogical websites and using word to summarise her findings - and is even more black and white about these random computer events than I am.

Ah but who cares. No silly computer can determine how I feel.

Happy days

It is nearly five years since I retired. Happy days indeed!


  1. My PC had been playing up for months and months and months so I taught it a lesson and bought a laptop (gotta love salary sacrificing).

    Nice pic :-)

  2. It could have the Katy 1-31 bug.

  3. Definitely IS a nice piccie - wonder what clever photographer took that one! :) What a happy couple!

  4. I'd say clever Strewth was the photographer. I don't think I did, I'm not that good at photographery.

  5. Dial a Geek !!!