Saturday, 19 January 2008

Break in the Weather

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, January 19, 2008 with 3 comments
Four people turned up for our first earlier start at Stromlo today; Katie, Ken, Amanda and I. The grass was damp today, so we ran on the road, and I took a while to get going, running 4.37, 4.16 and 3.48 for the kilometres, but the other three ran as quick or quicker than they have on the grass. Timing was perfect: 7:30 through 9:00 coincided with a break in the weather.


A Game: TucogasRoom. Quite good as room escape games go.

Results: I am still waiting to see the Jogalong results from two weeks ago, and Vets track from this week. I will post them asap.

Stretches I actually do #3. Floor hamstring stretch.
Holding on to a belt or towel looped around the ankles:
1. Lying on your back, pull one leg in (knee slightly bent) and contract for ten seconds / relax for ten seconds. Repeat x 2 more times. Then swap legs.
2. Lying on your back, pull one leg in (leg straight this time) and do contract / relaxes again. In the contract step, push the heel upwards and don't let the hips rise off the floor.
3. Another set where you pull the straight leg in and slowly take it to one side of the body while keeping hips on floor. And then to the other side, before swapping legs.
At each contract step you push the leg against the belt or towel. At each relax step you should be able to draw the leg in a little further than the previous contract/relax.

Stromlo on Saturdays
We will keep meeting at 7:30am. Will the twelve people who voted for the earlier start actually turn up next time, I wonder?


  1. Hey SG - that scoreboard on the side only actually says 6 people. I expect some wussed out cos of the rain!! The grass will be greener next week! Where were Rachelle and Ewen?

  2. Strewth, I don't like using the alarm on the weekend. I woke up at 7:35. Being a bit creaky these days, I need 2 hours awake before even attempting to run fast!

    I voted for 9am!

  3. If they can't train in the rain how will they race in the rain? That makes us one up on them.

    Of course, my view is, if they can't train in the heat how can they race in the heat? That's one reason I think 9am is great. The other reason is, like Ewen, I can run much faster at 9am than I can at 7:30am while I am still dozey.

    But for some reason or other, I have turned democratic. I will regret changing the time, I think. Certainly if only the old regulars keep turning up and no-one else, I will regret it.

    Anyway, it wasn't raining this morning. And if it had been, as has already been pointed out, there are showers out there!

    But you have an excuse Strewthy, for at least this week.

    And 1+6+5+1 = 13 actually.