Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Reyne down, reyne down

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, December 05, 2007 with 3 comments
Ewen's outstanding performance
Last night at the Stromlo 5k, Ewen exceeded all (his) expectations by breaking the 21 minute barrier. A 20.54 for the 5k, with a small negative split, had him saying "I cannot believe it" several times after the run. Well done Ewen! I am sure he will post something soon on his blog. Despite all the rain, the surface was firm and fast. This is a great venue!

67km per week
I said yesterday I should try to end up with a 2007 average number of kilometres per week higher than my weight in kilograms. I am currently weighing in at an exceedingly high 67 kg, so how many more km do I need this year to exceed 67 per week average? The total would have to be 3494km or more. And I have already run 3615km up to Tuesday, so I could stop now!? Except, no more upward arrows allowed (frown).

2007 v 2006
My other target is to exceed 2006’s total of 3803k which gives me only 26 days to run 189km. I should just scrape it in by Christmas!

Speedygeese at Sunday’s Jogalong
Helen Larmour W45 26:31
Sonia Veldhoven W30 28:03
Amanda Walker W35 28:10
Barbara Tucker W55 32:49
Lisa Wilson W40 34:00
Margaret McSpadden W60 34:42

James Reyne / Australian Crawl's classic song is featured on a new post by Scott - visit him, have a listen, make a comment.

Bronze medallist

speedy goose Geoff Barker racing at Honeysuckle Creek on Sunday. Photo by John Kennedy.


  1. Yes, I still can't believe it. How can all this slow running make you fast?

    Of course I'll write something about it! Hopefully by Friday.

    By the way, my time was the 20:54 in the results, still ahead of Alan T. Somebody ahead of me wasn't recorded.

  2. When I saw the official results I edited Ewen's time from an estimated 20.55 to 20.39. And now I am changing it back to 20.54 almost as originally reported. Still a darn good time. You will need about a 20:25 though to be on target for a 12 minute 3k!

  3. I'm thinking 20:25 is possible later in the season.

    I agree about it being a great venue. We are so lucky to have it. Don't tell anyone!