Tuesday, 4 December 2007

km > kg?

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I agree with Ewen; if my weight keeps rising, my goal should be to keep my weekly distance (kilometres) higher than my weight (kilograms). This might have to be my new year resolution, as this year the two have been converging. In fact I might be deluding myself: if I end up averaging 65km per week, say, in 2007, I will have to pass on Christmas turkey etc to drop 2 kilos off my weight by year's end. The only satisfactory answer is to run more km: I will report tomorrow how many I need!! Then do it!!! There's no escaping the Christmas feasting.

New - A Christmas Poll.
I have added a poll to this blog, just to see how polling works. It could end up being quite a useful feature!

Monday night training
Wet and thundery, the weather didn't deter sixteen of us from training at Parliament House, and curtailing the cool-down to share farewell champagne with Sonia. There had better be a welcoming training group near Heidelberg she can join, or else she will just have to return to Canberra! Doing six reps in thirty minutes of a longish loop including three up-hills, were Alan, Amanda, Emma, Ewen, me, Helen, Joel, Kathy, Katie, Ken, Margaret, Maria, Neil, Peter, Sonia, and Yelena. We wished Joel a happy 24th birthday for Friday, Jelena a happy 26th for Sunday, and Amanda a happy 40th for Sunday. The only regulars missing had run in "deep space" the day before. Thank you Sonia for the champagne, the lovely home made almond bread (which Jenny and I sampled last night with rock melon and caramel topping), and most of all for just being you.

Deep Space Mountain Marathon
Honeysuckle Creek ACT

5 Geoff Barker M60 2.02.18

8 Kelley Flood W45 2.40.48
9 Mick Horan M45 2.51.38
10 Roger Pilkington M45 2.55.59

Track Timetable for this Thursday night
6.00pm 1200/2000m Walk (PH)
6.20pm 3000m (GM)
6.40pm 100m (Daniels),100m (scratch)
7.00pm 800m Higgins Handicap (& Pennington)
7.30pm 200m
7.45pm 10,000m
plus the usual assortment of field events.

Sonia, Amanda, and Peter

Sonia is about to depart for Melbourne. Amanda is about to join the W40s, boosting the prospect of more Australian relay records. Peter is training particularly well at present, his form up the hills on Monday was outstanding. Photo by Kelley.

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